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Papers & Books about Project Management

Articles, papers and books that I have written or co-authored from time to time.


First Principles of Project Management Revisited
This paper, previously published in March 2009, presents some basic concepts of project management. For a fuller understanding of this profession, and how it should be conducted, these concepts should be properly understood and committed to memory. 10/22
Moving to a Different Industry - How to go about it?
Kiron Bondale and Max have touched on this topic before in a Musings: Crossing to a Different Industry, where we warned that it is not that simple. In this paper we dig deeper and list some of the specfic things you have to be prepared for especially in an environment that is completely different, but is still "project management"! 09/22
Seeking Project Management Employment
Last January, I wrote a piece on searching for project management talent from the perspectie of the corporate staff recruiter. This time I want to look at the Job-Applicant's side of the challenge. First how to establish what you should be looking for and secondly, how and where to find it. 05/22
Project Management Institute in the Past - A Promotional Folder Resurrected
Max provides a brief dip into the past by displaying the contents of a flyer created and distributed by the Project Management Institute around 1985. This flyer provided a very clear image of what the basics of project management are really all about. 12/21
A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (The PMBOK© Guide, 7th Edition) Published by the Project Management Institute (Book Review)
This "book" is the second of two in the same publication by the Project Management Institute as discussed last month. It is a marked departure from previous editions of the PMBOK Guide. Compared to the 6th Edition, a lot of extraneous detail of a behavioral nature has been included, while a lot of important material identifying specific skill sets has been omitted. Readers could be very disappointed. 11/21
The Standard for Project Management - ANSI/PMI 99-001-2021 Published by the Project Management Institute (Book Review)
This "book" is the first of two in a new publication titled PMBOK GUIDE, 7th Edition, by the Project Management Institute. The contents of this "Standard" elaborate considerable on what was previously Chapter 3 in previous editions of the PMBOK Guide. Readers seeking a standard content reflecting the project management profession may be disappointed. 10/21
Lead Successful Projects By Antonio Nieto‑Rodriguez (Book Review)
The target readership for this book is any CEO and their immediate underlings whose organization is ultimately responsible for significant projects in their organization. Culled from Antonio's years of major project experience, this book is packed with sound advice based on a new set of ten essential principles. 08/21
Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery By Mark Lines and Scott W. Ambler (Brief Reflection)
The term "Agile" seems to be a part of almost every promotion these days, especially relating to software development. It's time to learn more through Mark and Scott's recently re-published book. 07/21
Program and Program Management Definitions (New and Improved)
A constructive exchange between Max Wideman and expert Darya Dumar in pursuit of better general definitions of the labels: "Program" and "Program Management". 06/21
Program Management Basics
A Primer on Program Management. This detailed description describes much more than basic project management because program management is different. 05/21
How the Great Pyramid Was Built
A detailed analysis, based on modern understanding of project management, of the construction of an incredible stone monument, built to exacting details some 4,500 years ago. 04/21
I Hereby Resign
For anyone contemplating changing their employment, Steven provides essential advice. Keep it for when you need it - you surely will at some time in your career. 03/21
Major Construction Project Scope/Cost Financial Accounting Case Study:
A Project to build a permanent "Olympic Village" to house athletes for the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver BC Canada
Analyze three news reports at the time and draw your own conclusions. 12/20
Project Management for Education & Educators By Walter Ginevri and Bernie Trilling (Book Review)
This two-sided book recognizes that project management is a life skill for the modern generation. It should therefore be a part of every kid's basic education. Project management is being discussed in some schools, but the abilities are not practiced widely enough. This book is a call to PM's and Educators to promote establishing project skills as a standard part of child education. 11/20
UBC PMP Assignment - Interview Request Rick Mann Asks and Max Wideman Responds
A record of an interesting and valuable exchange of emails in which Rick Mann asks some serious questions about project management and Max attempts a serious opinion. 10/20
Filling Execution Gaps - How Executives and Project Managers turn Corporate Strategy into Successful Projects By Todd C. Williams (Book Review)
Through Todd's many years of corporate management experience he has uncovered six areas of typical shortcomings or failure in communication. He calls these "Execution Gaps" in top management responsibilities. 09/20
The Front-End of Projects: A Systematic Literature Review and Structuring By Terry Williams, Hang Vo, Knut Samset & Andrew Edkins (Extractions and Observations)
Terry and his team bring us a welcome and thorough dissertation on the span of work and effort involved in the "front-end" of the project life span based on a systematic review of PM publications published between January 2006 and September 2017. 09/20
When Does a Project Actually Start? - Part 2
In this Part 2, we discovered a failure to properly understand the role of the "Project Life Span" (cycle), a failure to agree on a meaningful definition of the term "project", and as Peter Morris suggests, a recognition that the so-called "front end" or "Pre-project activities" is where things can go badly wrong and, by implication, where the project starts. 08/20
When Does a Project Actually Start? - Part 1
First, what do we mean by a "project"? An early view by experts, now a more up-to-date view. But do we recognise it in practice? And why does it matter? 07/20
Effective Data Visualization, 2nd Edition By Stephanie D.H. Evergreen (Book Review)
Here is an opportunity to learn how to handle data and present it graphicaly according to its data type, and the need to get its impact across forcibly to your intended audience. 06/20
The Art of Positive Politics - A Key to Delivering Successful Projects By Vijay K. Verma (Book Recommendation)
How to handle negative comments while promoting your own project. Instead, publicize a positive image. 03/20
Climate Change Means Changing the Climate - Or Can We Realistically Do That?
For such a project, if possible, means doing "due diligence" at the front end. This paper includes Bryan McConachy's pitch, Max's response, a suggested scope and justification, and a perspective by Helen Cooke. 02/20
Earned Benefit Program Management - Aligning, Realizing, and Sustaining Strategy By Crispin ("Kik") Piney, PMP (Book Review)
A very solid treatise that explores and expands in great detail on the whole domain of project management from the project level, to program, to portfolio, including the necessary close relationship with on-going operations. 01/20
Succeeding with Senior Management - Getting the right support at the right time for your project By G. Michael Campbell, PMP (Book Review)
This book is really all about Information & Communication Management, that is, with senior management starting with your project's sponsor. The book provides valuable advice on how to get what your project needs.05/19
Policies, Principles, Practices, Procedures and Core Concepts
In past years we have made attempts to establish a set of "First Principles" for project management (11/03 & 04/09) but we have run into trouble. Turns out the word "Principles" has several meanings. Instead, "Core Concepts" has been suggested as an alternative, and these concepts have been redefined and elaborated with the objective of establishing some consensus. 04/19
Project Management Body of Knowledge Revisited - Part 2: The Framework Rationale
Like Part 1, this Part 2 is also a virtual repeat of what I wrote 30 years ago to establish a "framework" in which managing any sort of project can be successfully conducted. The highlight of this article is the clear and full definition of what a project really is, and hence what has to be done to manage one. Read it in conjunction with the observations in my Musings: A Look Back at the Original (PMBOK) Framework - Part 2. 01/19
Project Management Body of Knowledge Revisited, 2018 - Part 1:
This paper is essentially a repeat of what I wrote over 30 years ago when "inventing" the "PMBOK" (1986-7). Please read in conjunction with this month's Musings - A Look Back - where I have taken the opportunity to make the comparison with where we are today. 12/18
Mastering Organizational Change By Barbara A. Davis (Book Review)
Barbara describes how to overcome the inevitable challenges involved in organizational change management (OCM), and includes in-depth descriptions of the available range of techniques available for doing so. 10/18
Implementing Positive Organizational Change - A Strategic Project Management Approach By Gina Abudi (Book Review)
Gina's book provides practical advice for anyone contemplating or managing a significant re-working and re-staffing within their organization. 09/18
Influence Redefined By Stacey Hanke (Book Review)
How influential are you ... really? Maybe you are not as influential as you think you are. Find out by reading Stacey's book about her influence model and how to climb its ladder. 08/18
Book Reviews — Set #6 (Two brief critiques)
Book 1: What if Common Sense was Common Practice in Business? Creating a culture of clear communication in the organization by Rex Conner, 2014
Book 2: A Pocket Guide to Stakeholders' Management Engagement. Realistically you cannot "manage" stakeholders — you need to engage them! By George Jucan, 2017. 07/18

Situational Project Management - The Dynamics of Success and Failure By Oliver F. Lehmann (Book Review)
An excellent treatise on all kinds of tough situations that project managers may have to face in the real world of project management. Those with lesser experience may easily overlook the potential dangers in the situations described. The reader will not find this type of learning and solutions in popular methodology expositions. 06/18
Global Complex Project Management - An Integrated Adaptive Agile and PRINCE2 LEAN Framework for Achieving Success By Robert K. Wysocki, PhD, and Colin Bentley (Book Review)
Clearly, in the minds of these authors, managing large complex projects successfully have to be managed differently. That is especially true of IT and HT projects. Their book recommends a judicious mix of both Agile and Traditional, applied in the right sequence. 05/18
Waterfall versus Agile - Which is the Right Development Methodology for Your Project?
Sorting out the differences and making the selection simple. 04/18
The Five Hour Workday By Stephan Aarstol (Book Review)
Is a five-hour work day really likely, or even possible? Stephan explains why it would be so beneficial to the organization as well as the individual and confirms that it is possible - because in his company he just did. 11/17
How to Manage Complex Programs - High-Impact Techniques for Handling Project Workflow, Deliverables, and Teams By Tom Kendrick (Book Review)
Tom writes for Program Managers rather than Project Managers and large projects at that. He reveals the fundamental concepts and proven approaches that will help you master program management from initiation through execution and successful closure. 10/17
The Social Project Manager - Balancing Collaboration with Centralized Control in a Project Driven World By Peter Taylor (Book Review)
For projects in the office work environment, Peter describes a non-traditional way of organizing projects, and managing project performance and progress. The aim is to harnesses the performance advantages of a collaborative community. 09/17
Delivering Successful PMOs - How to Design and Deliver the Best Project Management Office for Your Business
Peter Taylor provides a very thorough and easy-to-follow approach to designing and succeeding in establishing a PMO for a very large project or program. 08/17
Project Risk Management in Infrastructure Development: Pushing the Boundaries in a Major Upheaval
How to develop a flexible risk management strategy of priorities for a large project or program based on the project's risk profile and the organization's "risk appetite". 08/17
The Challenge for the Wideman Glossary 6.1 Update - Can the Glossary be made more user-focused?
We have divided up the Glossary database into sets that focus on specific user needs. Thus, by cutting out long lists of terms and definitions that are not relevant to a particular focus at hand, we expect the resulting Glossaries will be more relevant and more easily navigated. 07/17
What's New in Glossary v6.1?
By increasing our Wideman Comparative Glossary by more that 1,000 entries, and extending its range beyond the work of a single project, we have the opportunity to change the manner of presentation. As you will see from this article, we now offer sets of terms extracted from our overall list, but which each focuses on a particular aspect of the project management domain. 06/17
Capital Projects By Paul Barshop (Book Review)
After the last two papers, it is appropriate that Paul Barshop should come along with "What every executive needs to know to avoid costly mistakes and make major investments pay off", the sub-title of his book. Paul writes a clear description of the project management Stage-Gate process, and why it is so important for executives to understand it and implement it. 02/17
Olympic Village Project Fiasco (Case Study)
A second-hand account of what appeared to have happened in the financing of an actual large scale project. Includes suggested case study issues for discussion. 12/16
Procuring Successful Mega-Projects - How to Establish Major Government Contracts Without Ending up in Court By Louise Hart (Book Review)
The bigger the project the greater the chance of failure should come as no surprise. Dollar wasting fiascos seem to come from poorly conceived procurement that waste billions, especially in the public sector. Louise's light hearted review details what mistakes to avoid. 12/16
More on the Definition of "Project" and a Final Conclusion - Part 2
Last month we concluded that most of the definitions of the term "project" are inadequate in explaining the difference from Business-as-Usual. This month we do a more thorough analysis and conclude with a definition that draws out the real differences. 11/16
Defining the Term "Project" in the Context of Project Management - Part 1
The corner stone of a profession in project management is a definition of the term "project". Here we review a recent blog by Dr. Lynda Bourne, the history, the problem, attempts to solve it, and what we think should be done about it. 10/16
Wideman Glossary Update Progress Report Structure around projects, programs, portfolios and other definition challenges
In attempting an update of this Glossary we have encountered a number of challenges, not least of which is how to make it more useful. But one thing we have learned is that it is an excellent source of learning. Pick any definition and click on the associated links. 9/16
Managing Projects in Research and Development By Ron Basu (Book Review)
Ron makes an impassioned plea for project management in Research and Development and describes what that means to both the R&D sector and to the style of project management required. 8/16
Program Management By Michel Thiry (Book Review)
Michel explains that Program Management is about delivering value, and the purpose of this book is to present executives and academics alike with the issues that arise in practice, in its implementation and performance within an organization. 5/16
The Potential for A Project Management Framework Standard: Are we ready?
Given the meaning of "project management" in its broadest sense, can we accept that the design of the Project Life Span is the dominant feature while a concurrent Methodology is the sequential means for creating the required deliverable? 4/16
A Practical Guide to Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders By Jake Holloway, David Bryde and Roger Joby (Book Review)
After crossing the Business-Project Divide last month, it is reasonable to discuss the stakeholders we may find there, such as Sponsors, other senior managers, internal or external Customers, and of course your project Team. Jake, David and Roger do an excellent job of exposing potential attitudes that will affect your project. 4/16
Bridging the Business-Project Divide Techniques for Reconciling Business-as-Usual and Project Cultures By John Brinkworth (Book Review)
In organizations these days, there are two cultures, two sets of expectations, two languages: business-as-usual on the one hand, and the conduct of projects on the other. As the title indicates, this book explains how to connect the two. 2/16
The Essentials of Project Management, 4th Edition By Dennis Lock (Book Review)
This 4th Edition provides a valuable summary of practical project management. It is a junior complement to, and keeps in step with its mother text Project Management tenth edition. The latter was published in 2013 and we reviewed it in November 2013. 1/16
Project Management of Hotel Opening Processes By Gert Noordzij (Book Review)
In this book, Gert introduces us to a new area of project management application. He shares some interesting insights into hotel opennings, in particular the high rates of failure to open on time. Gert recommends project management as the solution, but the underlying problem is the culture and the need for a make over. 12/15
Going Beyond the Waterfall - Managing Scope Effectively Across the Project Life Cycle By Barbara Davis and Darren Radford (Book Review)
Traditionally, "scope" is seen as a fixture based on a thorough study of the project's "requirements". Not so, say the authors. They see "managing scope" as a multi complex construct that accepts the basic idea that scope is flexible like any of the other major components of project management. 11/15
Projects for Profit - An Insider's Guide to Delivering Projects and Getting Paid By Robin Hornby (Book Review)
Robin's book is about commercial project management where you not only have to succeed in delivering a product, but you also have to make a profit in the process. So you must also be a business person. This is a very practical book offering advice based on extensive personal experience. 10/15
Winning Answers to 500 Interview Questions By Lavie Margolin (Book Review)
Your project is finished and so is your employment. Next is the interview stage in your personal life cycle. There are plenty of books on how to seek out interviews, but few tell you what non-technical questions you might expect and how to answer them. Lavie does just that, observing there are only so many topics interviewers are likely to touch on. 9/15
Handbook of Project Management - Fifth Edition By Rodney Turner (Book Review)
This 5th Edition has been substantially restructured. Its first 4 parts describe: Projects - their context; Performance - managing delivery; Process - from start to close-out; and Portfolio management. A fifth part provides Perspectives on a variety of well-known projects. 8/15
Looking For Success? First Know Your Project Type, Because Achieving Success Can Vary with the Type of Product!
The classic measure is "on time, budget and specifications", but "success" is best measured by "customer satisfaction". Hence know your "stakeholders" and your "Project type". Both can have a big impact on how you manage. 8/15
Performance Based Project Management - Increasing the Probability of Project Success By Glen B. Alleman (Book Review)
Glen's latest book describes how the project management methods originating in the aerospace industry can be adapted to accommodate any project, of any size, and in any industry. 7/15
Proactive Project Management
By Morten Fangel (Book Review)
A welcome change of perspective on the body of knowledge of project management, its structure and practical reality in a world of "How to" rather than "What is". Morten explains in detail "How to make common sense common practice". 6/15
Achieving Success on Large Projects through Public Relations
This paper describes the type of projects in question, what is meant by "stakeholders", and how to create a favorable influence through a Project Public Relations Program. 2/15
Reconstructing Project Management - Part 2
By Peter W. G. Morris (Book Review)
Continuing Part 2 of his book, Peter covers the basic project management functions and how managers should adapt their style of management to the needs of the project. Then in his Part 3, Peter attempts total reconstruction, focusing on the "front end", who is really responsible for each of the phases involved, and arguing that the unit of project management analysis is the project and not the process. 2/15
Reconstructing Project Management - Part 1
By Peter W. G. Morris (Book Review)
In this book, Peter has developed a thorough study of project managagement in history, currently and where it should go. Academic? Yes. But easy to read for valuable insights including things that need fixing and why. 1/15
A Comparison of Project, Program & Portfolio Management Responsibilities – and Who Should Be Responsible For What
By accepting the broader definition of "Project Management" commonly implied in practice, we can envision the typical vertical management structure in at least four levels. By identifying appropriate responsibilities, boundary conflicts between the levels, and consequent wasted management energy, can be avoided. Tables provide recommended responsibilities in sixteen domains. 12/14
Defining Project Success: Part 4 - In Examining Project Success, What Have We Learned?
- from Project Manager Community - Best Group for Project Management
This Part summarizes contributors' thoughts on project success. Obviously, confusion abounds. This is followed by our suggestions for resolving the main issues. 11/14
Defining Project Success: Part 3 - Is Program Structuring the Answer to Project Success?
- from Project Manager Community - Best Group for Project Management
Max suggests "success" is different according to the organizational level of the observer and whether the focus is on the project or the performance of the product. Others lend their support and describe their own experiences in different industries. Emphasis is placed on clearly stating the success criteria at the beginning of the project. 10/14
Defining Project Success: Part 2 - Can We Bring Clarity to the Question?
- from Project Manager Community - Best Group for Project Management
The participants to this discussion search diligently for real definitions of "Project Success" whether in the public or private sectors, from whose perspective, and whether or not it stops at project completion or includes the success of the resulting product. Scope creep and other interesting factors also enter the discussion along with famous examples and an interesting analogy. 09/14
Defining Project Success: Part 1 - Do Current Project Management Standards Make the Answer Clear?
- from Project Manager Community - Best Group for Project Management
Clearly there is no clear answer. Opinions vary widely as heated exchanges in this conversation illustrate, and "official" standards are also called to account. 08/14
Communicating Projects An End-to-End Guide to Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Effective Communication
By Ann Pilkington (Book Review)
In Ann's book, she describes what you need to know about communicating effectively in project work, things they don't tell you on official courses. 07/14
How Do You Motivate Your Project Team?
The Project Manager Network - #1 Group for Project Managers
Four outspoken LinkedIn discussion contributors offer their personal experiences and advice on how to get your project team going. There was not exact unanimity on the suggestions. 06/14
Handbook of People in Project Management
Edited by Dennis Lock and Lindsay Scott (Book Review)
This book is a major treatise on its subject. Written by a number of different authors, the contents cover a wide range of topics relevant to managing the people inevitably involved in a project or program. It is seriously practical laced with a little humor rather than dryly theoretical. 05/14
Total Construction Project Management, Second Edition
By George J. Ritz and Sidney M. Levy (Book Review)
George Ritz wrote the original of this book in 1994. Much has changed in construction since then. This update is written from the perspective of an on-site construction manager in the typical North American environment. It is very detailed and very thorough. 03/14
The Focused Organization - How Concentrating on a Few Key Initiatives Can Dramatically Improve Strategy Execution
By Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez with foreword by Greg Balestrero (Book Review)
A book for CEOs and the C-suite describing the challenge of balancing between "running-the-business" and "changing-the-business" to achieve corporate strategies. Antonio offers a new approach to strategy execution based on his experience and research. 01/14
Book Reviews – Set #5 (Two brief critiques)
Book 1: Project Management, Tenth Edition, by Dennis Lock, 2013
Book 2: Naked Project Management, The Bare Facts, by Dennis Lock, 2012

Book Reviews – Set #4 (Three brief critiques)
Book 1: The Pocket Guide for Those Daring Enough to Take Responsibility for Large Industrial Projects, by Jean-Pierre Capron, 2012
Book 2: Project Soft Power - Learn the Secrets of the Great Project Leaders, by Jeremie Averous, 2012
Book 3: A Compendium of PMO Case Studies: Reflecting Project Business Management Concepts, by Dennis L. Bolles, PMP & Darrel G. Hubbard, PE, 2012
What is Quality?
Because quality is subjective it means different things to different people. Read up on what it should mean to you as a project manager! 09/13
Book Reviews – Set #3 (Three brief critiques)
Book 1: Enterprise Project Governance: A Guide to the Successful Management of Projects Across the Organization, by Paul C. Dinsmore & Luiz Rocha, 2012
Book 2: Improving Your Project Management Skills: Second Edition, by Larry Richman, 2012
Book 3: Project Sustainability: A Comprehensive Guide to Sustaining Projects, Systems and Organizations in a Competitive Marketplace, by John N. Morfaw, MBA, 2011
Book Reviews – Set #2 (Three brief critiques)
Book 1: Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage Second Edition, by Jeffrey K. Pinto, 2010
Book 2: 101 Project Management Problems and How to Solve Them, by Tom Kendrick, 2011
Book 3: Rescue the Problem Project: A Complete Guide to Identifying, Preventing, and Recovering from Project Failure, by Todd C. Williams, 2011
Book Reviews – Set #1 (Three brief critiques)
Book 1: An Introduction to Project Management, 3rd and 4th Editions by Kathy Schwalbe, 2012
Book 2: The Six Sigma Handbook, 3rd Edition by Pyzdek & Keller, 2009
Book 3: Facilitating Project Performance Improvement by Jerry Julian, 2010
Managing the Institutional Context for Projects:
Part 2 - Basic Research Urgently Needed
Following the paper referenced in Part 1 of our review about Analyzing the Institutional Level [of projects], authors Peter Morris and Joana Geraldi went on to observe that "there are theories that apply at this level in ways that are distinctive and useful". We ask — what theories? 05/13
Managing the Institutional Context for Projects:
Part 1 - An Issue with Organizational "Levels"
In the view of professors Morris and Geraldi, "Project management is widely seen as delivering undertakings on time, on budget, and on scope [but] this conceptualization fails to address the "front end" [of a project] and its management." The authors explain their "three level" concept of the front-end, with which we take issue because we see an extra level — the difference between Project Management and Technology Management. 04/13
Fukushima in Retrospect
Along with shortage of land and water, the need for energy is also becoming a serious issue. Oil is currently predominant by virtue of its ease of distribution but undoubtedly polluting. Gas is clean but limited in supply and much less flexible. Coal burning is downright dirty. Hence reconsideration of nuclear power is timely. So what can we make of the Fukushima experiences? Engineers weigh in. 03/13
A Serious Answer to a Serious Question: What are the Fundamental Differences between Project Work and Operations Work?
In terms of managing project and operations work we find that they are different, and by examining the respective definitions we set out to prove why. 02/13
Governance in the Project Management World
What is "governance" and what is its role in project portfolio management and project management? This paper recommends appropriate guidelines for Project Portfolio Management Governance that sets it apart from the governance of a single project. 01/13
Self-Promotion for Introverts® - The quiet guide to getting ahead By Nancy Ancowitz (Book Review)
Are you uncomfortable promoting yourself? If your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator starts with an "I", the answer is probably "Yes"! But in project management, self-promotion is a necessary activity to get work and especially to get ahead. Nancy's book is full of advice to help. 12/12
Financial Accounting Support for Project Cost Control -
An Interesting Email Exchange

Anibal Miranda requests best practices for Financial Accounting to support Project Cost Accounting. Our answer may surprise you. 11/12
Is "Project Manager" a Profession? - Part 2
A Blog Review

Here's a sampling of the most enlightened responses on both sides of the issue and what we have concluded from the debate. 10/12
Is "Project Manager" a Profession? - Part 1
A Blog Review

Passionate people weigh in on this question. See what they have to say and form your own opinion. 09/12
Fundamentals of Project Management, 4th Edition, Simple Solutions for Busy People By Joseph Heagney (Book Review)
A heart-warming compendium of the basics of project management that every project manager should know without resorting to system inputs and outputs. 07/12
A Trilogy of Books on Project Management
Book 4 - Managing Complex Projects
By Harold Kerzner and Frank P. Saladis (Book Review)
A heart-warming compendium of the basics of project management that every project manager should know without resorting to system inputs and outputs. 08/12
A Trilogy of Books on Project Management
Book 3 - Value-Driven Project Management
By Harold Kerzner and Frank P. Saladis (Book Review)
A new perspective on traditional project management that has evolved into a business process rather than a PM process. Advice for PMs in companies that are innovative market leaders rather than followers.. 06/12
A Trilogy of Books on Project Management
Book 2 - What Functional Managers Need to Know
By Harold Kerzner and Frank P. Saladis (Book Review)
Fast access for functional managers seeking project management wisdom on six major topics. 05/12
A Trilogy of Books on Project Management
Introduction and Book 1 - What Executives Need to Know
By Harold Kerzner and Frank P. Saladis (Book Review)
Fast access for those at the top seeking essential project management wisdom on eight major topics. 04/12
The Lazy Project Manager By Peter Taylor (Book Review)
"Productive Laziness" - a new style of managing projects? Read Peter's book to find out why. 02/12
Managing the Cost of Meetings (Review)
Are your meetings really efficient or are they attended by too many, drag out too long and burn up too much budget? Or do you get too many interruptions when you are doing serious work? Two gadgets we describe here may just be the answer. 12/11
Project Downsizing - Part 2: Execution (Case Study)
So how did the plan work out in practice? You be the judge. 10/11
Project Downsizing - Part 1: The Business Case (Case Study)
The planning and justification of a very real and personal family project recorded here as a general project management class exercise. 09/11
How to Save a Failing Project: Chaos to Control By Ralph R. Young, Steven M. Brady, & Dennis C. Nagle, Jr. (Book Review)
"We often hear about projects that are canceled, go over budget, are completed late, or deliver less functionality than promised. Customers are dissatisfied, users are disappointed, and project staff are frustrated and overworked." So bewails Ralph and his co-authors. Read their book to save your project. 12/10
Strategic DNA: Bringing Business Strategy to Life By Lawrence Hobbs (Book Review)
Of course projects should be aligned with a successful corporate strategy, but that is not enough. Find out why in this complete blueprint for successful organizational life. 11/10
The Project Manager's Guide to Making Successful Decisions By Robert A. Powell & Dennis M. Bued (Book Review)
As a project manager, your primary purpose is to lead by making decisions. Robert and Dennis describe three ways of doing so and which is appropriate when. They also point to the importance of implementing the decision once made. 10/10
Project Decisions: The Art and Science By Lev Virine & Michael Trumper (Book Review)
A large part of a project manager's time is involved in decision-making. Poor decisions lead to poor results, the source of many project failures. Lev and Michael advocate for structured decision analysis and illustrate their point with a tale from Christopher Robin's children's story book. 09/10
Risks in Political Projects - The New Scottish Parliament Building (Case Study)
A detailed study of a highly politicized real-life UK project and all the things that in retrospect they did wrong. Was the resulting building worth it? 08/10
Enterprise Management Leadership  (Case Study)
Leadership and determination are sometimes seen as opposite sides of the same coin. If a project is not going well, whose fault is it? Wyrcan's example of a small company in disarray serves as an object lesson for a large complex project. 07/10
Brainstorming The PMBOK® Guide Fourth Edition By Muhamed Abdomerovic (Book Review)
As previously, the latest PMBOK® Guide (2008) consists of nine interconnected "knowledge areas" involving forty-two nested "processes" involving inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs. However, this complex system does not explain what knowledge is being moved nor how the whole might be applied to running an actual project. Muhamed's latest book explains what and how. 06/10
Three Projects: Calgary's Saddledome; Walter C. Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre; Kananaskis Country Recreation Development (Case Studies)
These examples from Canadian Construction focus on scope and cost control. 05/10
Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers - The People Skills You Need to Achieve Outstanding Results By Anthony Mersino (Book Review)
A new angle for project management? Anthony converts a personal journey into a model of self conduct to better manage project teams. But is it for you? 04/10
The Handbook of Program Management: How to Facilitate Project Success with Optimal Program Management By James T. Brown (Book Review)
In his book, James discusses the program manager's job in the real world of salesmanship and relationship building. Along the way he provides valuable tips on how to extract order out of typical chaos - hardly the accepted view of program management. 03/10
Project Management Memory Jogger™ (Regular and Advanced) By Paula Martin, Karen Tate and Cynthia Stackpole (Book Review)
These two books are must-have handy pocket-size how-to guides to practical project management. Be ready wherever you go! 02/10
Basic Project Management: Two Learning Books
• An Introduction to Project Management, 2nd Edition by Kathy Schwalbe
• Successful Project Management, 4th Edition by Jack Gido & James Clements

(Book Reviews)
What sort of instruction are new entrants to project management being fed these days? We review two recent examples of course books to find out. 11/09
Managing Difficult Projects By André Costin (Book Review)
Discovery, strategy, definition, managing contracts and people are all serious challenges in large and complex capital projects. André shares his experience and advice. 10/09
Project Management for Mere Mortals By Claudia M. Baca (Book Review)
Claudia provides a great and detailed walkthrough of the Project Management Institute's five process groups: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Controlling, and Closing for complex projects in the information and corporate administration project industries. 09/09
Maximizing Project Value: Defining, Managing, and Measuring for Optimal Return By Jeff Berman (Book Review)
Jeff suggests a new "Road Map" to project value by shifting the emphasis to product value, providing valuable insights along the way. The key is a winning Business Case. 08/09
Results without Authority: Controlling a project when the team doesn't report to you By Tom Kendrick (Book Review)
How do you control a project when your team does not report directly to you? Tom explains how. 07/09
Building a Century: A history of Bechtel and projects galore (Book Review/Case study)
The story of a young American who, in dire circumstances, left farming for construction and founded a company spanning four family generations and a century of building around the globe. 06/09
Total Quality Management By John Morfaw (Book Review)
The health care industry in Africa is plagued by a catalogue of social, economic, political, cultural, structural and organizational problems, needing reform. Morfaw describes how TQM is the answer. 06/09
Ten Commandments of Project Management: A brief guide to the art of righteous project management By Robin Hornby, PMP (Book Review)
The rules engraved on tablets of stone and brought down from Mount Sinai were adopted by Moses and his followers to create a stable and manageable society. This book applies the same principle to project management to keep you out of trouble. 06/09
First Principles of Project Management - Part 2
Eight First Principles spelled out and explained together with the associated issues typically raised. Academia rarely articulates these axioms. 05/09
First Principles of Project Management - Part 1
An updated introduction to a paper last published in November 2003. A philosophical discussion of the fundamental elements of project management and their associated issues. Academia rarely articulates these axioms. 04/09
Managing Successful Programs (2007) By Office of Government Commerce (OGC), UK (Book review)
MSP has been completely rewritten since its 2003 predecessor. The number of illustrations have been doubled with a corresponding increase in explanatory text. The focus has shifted considerably with greater emphasis on realization of benefits. 03/09
Stunning New Depictions of PM Enabled by ConceptDraw Office
A new systems model of project management, a simplified mind map of project management knowledge, and a SCOPE-PAK brainstorming exercise schedule all test the prowess of new cross-platform graphics software. 02/09
Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners By Office of Government Commerce (OGC), UK (Book review)
This new OGC publication provides valuable counsel to corporate management on the handling of risk at all levels whether project or non-project. 01/09
Risk Management for IT Projects: How to Deal with Over 150 Issues and Risks by Bennet P. Lientz & Lee Larssen (Book Review)
Bennet and Lee's book provides a useful catalogue of risks in IT work together with their suggestions for identifying, tracking and handling. Choose your particular plight from the Table of Contents. 12/08
Rainbows & Ratholes - Best Practices for Managing Successful Projects by Dhanu M. Kothari (Book review)
With a subtle sense of humor, Dhanu presents a series of essays on the 'what and how' of successful Project Management, complete with diagrams and checklists. 11/08
PM World Today Interviews Max Wideman - Part 3: Questions on Project Management Practice
PM World Today Managing Editor David Pells, in his last questions, asks Max his views on project management practice, its development, its future, the most important skills, and good advice to new entrants. 09/08
PM World Today Interviews Max Wideman - Part 2: Activities with PMI®
PM World Today Managing Editor David Pells asks Max more questions, this time about his contributions to PMI®. 08/08
PM World Today Interviews Max Wideman - Part 1: Probing Max's Background
PM World Today Managing Editor David Pells asks Max some searching questions about his involvement in project management; construction management; and heavy construction. 07/08
The Project Management Life Cycle by Jason Westland (Book review)
A thorough description of the project life span and how to initiate, plan, execute and close a project successfully. Complete with templates on a CD ROM. 06/08 Interviews Max Wideman - The Person
The editor of PMHub, a web site dedicated to assisting managers study for the Project Management Institute's PMP® or CAPM® exams, tests Max's credibility with some probing personal questions. 05/08
Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management by Dennis L. Bolles and Darrel G. Hubbard (Book review)
The groundwork for establishing an enterprise-wide project management office (EPMO) provides good advice: start at the top where executive decisions are made. 02/08
The Empty Carousel: A Consumer's Guide to Checked and Carry-on Luggage by Scott T. Mueller (Book review)
Good advice for the travelling project manager - or anyone else for that matter. 12/07
Ten Steps to Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management
- Part 8: More Tips on Step 10
Benefits of harvesting & reporting, roles, and changing strategic direction. 04/08
Ten Steps to Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management
- Part 7: Tips on Step 10
Improving the portfolio: From product launch to project success by ramping up the use of the product. 03/08
Ten Steps to Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management
- Part 6: Tips on Steps 8 and 9
Managing the portfolio: Plan & Execute the Work, Reporting & Review. 02/08
Ten Steps to Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management
- Part 5: Tips on Steps 5 to 7
Logical progression: Prioritizing, Ranking, Balance and Optimizing, and Authorization 01/08
Ten Steps to Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management
- Part 4: Tips on Steps 1 to 4
Logical progression: Setup, Needs/Opportunities, Evaluation and Selection. 12/07
Ten Steps to Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management
- Part 3: Projects, Programs, Portfolios and Strategic Direction
A discussion of the PPM environment including the role of the Project Management Office and the Project Portfolio Steering Committee. 11/07
Ten Steps to Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management
- Part 2: The Project Portfolio Management Life Cycle
Ten steps to complete the entire PPM cycle. 10/07
Ten Steps to Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management
- Part 1: An Introduction
It seems that project portfolio managers, and their responsible executives, still have a lot to learn to make the process complete. 09/07
Napoleon on Project Management by Jerry Manas (Book review)
Jerry describes the sheer brilliance, work ethic, and tenacity of this French leader and connects it to the best in project management. 08/07
Selling into Project Success
You cannot really determine project success unless you also examine product success. And if the product is a success who cares if the project was late and over budget? But the hazards may be beyond the PM's control. 04/07
Credible Ethics and the Environment
Professional civil engineers are providers of infrastructure for social good. In this paper we take serious issue over their apparent denial of the associated "population problem". 03/07
Information Systems Project Management, 2nd ed., How to Deliver Function and Value in Information Technology Projects by Jolyon Hallows (Book review)
Jolyon's advice on managing software projects and what you need to know about project management in that application domain. 02/07
Your Successful Project Management Career by Ronald B. Cagle (Book review)
Ronald attempts to answer the almost endless questions around what experience and training do you need and how do you manage your career - from the perspective of the IT environment. But the real questions are: What type of projects, and are you suited? 01/07
The Software Development Edge: Essays on Managing Successful Projects by Joe Marasco (Book review)
Joe provides valuable lessons for project managers, especially those in the world of software development. 12/06
The Right Projects Done Right! (From Business Strategy to Successful Implementation) by Paul C. Dinsmore and Terence J. Cooke-Davies (Book review)
Paul and Terry join hands across the Atlantic to shed serious light on project portfolio management. 11/06
Project Portfolio Management: A Practical Guide To Selecting Projects, Managing Portfolios and Maximizing Benefits by Harvey A. Levine (Book review)
Is "PPM" just another project management technique or is it serious business? Harvey obviously thinks the latter. 10/06
PRINCE2, 2005 Edition - Part 2 Published by TSO for the Office of Government Commerce, UK (Book review)
In this Part 2 we discuss some of the PRINCE2 concepts, the downsides we see in the methodology and our conclusions. 09/06
PRINCE2, 2005 Edition - Part 1 Published by TSO for the Office of Government Commerce, UK (Book review)
We provide our views of this widely recognized UK project management standard methodology, emphasizing the things we like. 08/06
The Project Management Tool Kit (100 tips and techniques for getting the job done right) by Tom Kendrick (Book review)
Tom has assembled a compendium of 100 frequently-used project management "processes". A valuable and handy little reference book of tools and techniques. 06/06
Agile Project Management by Barry Chin, published by AMACOM, NY, 2004 (Book review)
Barry makes a good case for "agile" project management – under the right circumstances. We review the advantages and disadvantages. 05/06
Managing Successful Programs Published for Office of Government Commerce, UK (Book review)
This book, written for the UK Government, explains what a "programme" really is and how to manage all kinds. Much different from its previous 1999 edition, there is a lot to learn even from this paper. 03/06
The Project Management Question and Answer Book by Michael W. Newell, PMP, and Marina N. Grashina, PMP, AMACOM, NY, 2003 (Book review)
Real answers for real people, a valuable library addition. 02/06
Project Cost Control: The Way it Works
It's not that difficult in theory. It's a lot more difficult in practice. This paper takes you right through the project life span. 01/06
Financially Focused Project Management (FFPM) by Thomas M. Cappels, J. Ross Publishing, FL, 2004 (Book review)
Based on his view that the goal of project management is profitability, Thomas describes his brand of project management. 12/05
Project Procurement Management by Quentin W. Fleming, FMC Press, CA, 2003 (Book review)
Quentin provides a sound and much-needed easy-to-read comprehensive guide to project procurement management. 11/05
How Long Should a Software Project Take?
A concerned correspondent asks a serious question and receives a variety of responses from a group of experts who put him closer to a resolution. 10/05
Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO:
Multiplying ROI at Warp Speed
by Gerald I. Kendall, PMP & Steven C. Rollins, PMP, J. Ross Publishing, Inc.,
Co-published with International Institute of Learning, Inc., 2003 (Book review)
This is one of the first comprehensive books on Project Portfolio Management. It focuses on the IS/IT industry where PPM is most needed. 9/05
Project Management Methodologies by Jason Charvat, John Wiley & Sons, NJ, 2003 (Book review)
"When all projects in the enterprise follow a standardized template, then and only then will project management evolve gradually into an everyday way of life." So says CEO Robert Simplot in the introduction to Jason's book and Jason explains why and how. 8/05
Lessons in Project Management by Tom and Jeff Mochal, Apress, CA, 2003 (Book review)
"Painless project management learning" might have been a better title for this book review but we preferred to stay with the correct title for this paper. Recommended reading for all those engaged in the IS/IT business environment. 7/05
Project Portfolio Governance Guidelines (But are they complete?)
A review and commentary of a recent publication Directing Change, by the Association of Project Management, UK, 2004. This booklet provides practical guidance on elevating the standard of project portfolio management in most organizations across all sectors. 6/05
PMBOK® Guide, Third Edition - Is More Really Better? Part 3 Project Management Institute, PA, 2004 (Book review)
Third of three articles on the 2004 Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. In this part we focus on Section III of the Guide. 5/05
PMBOK® Guide, Third Edition - Is More Really Better? Part 2 Project Management Institute, PA, 2004 (Book review)
Second of three articles on the 2004 Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. In this part we focus more closely on Sections I and II of the Guide. 4/05
PMBOK® Guide, Third Edition - Is More Really Better? Part 1 Project Management Institute, PA, 2004 (Book review)
First of three articles taking an in-depth look at the Project Management Institute's latest Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, covering What We Liked, the Downside and some Missed Opportunities. This Part 1 provides an overview. 3/05
Lessons in Risk Management
Three short real-life case studies demonstrating benefits of a little risk planning. 2/05
Room for Improvement based on a PwC study (Report review)
Authors Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez and Daniel Evrard of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Belgium, set out to discover any correlation between organizational maturity and project performance. Their report Boosting Business Performance through Programme and Project Management, June 2004, discloses valuable information on the current state of project management. 1/05
Total Project Control: A Manager's Guide to Integrated Project Planning, Measuring, and Tracking by Stephen A. Devaux, John Wiley & Sons, NY, 1999 (Book review)
This book highlights shortcomings in current project control tools because scope is typically taken as a "given" and its outcome value is not quantified. Consequently, a sound basis for scope change decision-making is absent. Stephen proposes a number of metrics to overcome this. 8/04
Two Case Studies - #1: The Case of the Never Ending Scope Creep - #2: The Case of the Unidentified Risks Contributed by Mauro Maurovic, Australia. Edited for the web by R. Max Wideman
These two case studies (together with "The Custom Woodworking Company" lower on this Page) should prove invaluable exercises for instructors conducting project management course work. 7/04
Effective Risk Management: Some Keys to Success, 2nd Edition by Edmund H. Conrow, AIAA, Reston, VA, 2003 (Book review)
This book discusses how to implement sound project risk management on a wide variety of defense, commercial, and other large programs and projects. 6/04
Project Management Practices: A Compendium on a CD by the Project Management Institute (Product review)
A review of this practical learning tool on a CD from the Project Management Institute shows that it is also well constructed and an asset for the practicing project manager. 5/04
Brainstorming The PMBOK® Guide by Muhamed Abdomerovic, Dipl. Eng., PMP (Book review)
Muhamed has undertaken the tremendous task of analyzing the complete PMBOK Guide to trace all those inputs and outputs and present them as logical sets and in chronological sequences of content. A very valuable resource. 4/04
Risk Management: Tricks of the Trade for Project Managers by Rita Mulcahy, PMP, RMC Publications, Minnesota (Book review)
It is nice to come across a book packed full of practical advice you can use immediately as a handy reference, especially for project risk management. Light hearted and easy to read. 4/04
Knowledge Mapping and the Price of Knowledge  
A consistent grouping of project management subject matter would be helpful to practitioners and educators alike for practice, training, education and research. But is the cost of knowledge too expensive to structure? A comment on APQC's Project Management Report and PMI®'s OPM3®. 3/04
Practical Project Management: Tips, Tactics, and Tools by Harvey A. Levine, Wiley, NY, NY, 2002 (Book review)
This book covers the whole spectrum of project management, ranging from new paradigms of portfolio management to project communications and how to make them work. It integrates new ideas with true and trusted old ones, and the text abounds with useful sidebar tips. 2/04
The Role of the Project Life Cycle (Life Span) in Project Management A review of literature over three decades
The life span is a fundamental underpinning of project management, but the issue is one of strategy: "How much control? Who should have it? And when?" 1/04
A Billion Dollar Boondoggle (Case study)
If you are going to do something wrong, do it big time. This way, everyone will be so embarrassed that you will probably get away with it. 12/03
A Quarter Century of Project Management Evolution - A Review of Managing High-Technology Programs & Projects Third Edition by Russell D. Archibald, Wiley, NY, NY, 2003 (Book review)
An opportunity to compare Russ's latest book with his original edition to give us insight into how project management has evolved over the last 25 years. 11/03
Modeling Project Management A review of two decades of literature
Over the last couple of decades there have been numerous attempts to explain project management using graphical models. This paper traces these efforts as a basis for solving this biggest of unresolved issues. 12/03
Progressive Acquisition and the RUP - Part V Contracting Activities
In this final installment of the series, we take a look at contracting activities and how they fit into the Rational Unified Process® (RUP®) from the acquirer's perspective. An Appendix provides a helpful glossary for preparing and administering progressive software acquisition contracts. 10/03
Progressive Acquisition and the RUP - Part IV Choosing a Form and Type of Contract
In Part IV we examine the best type of contract for your project and consider ten interdependent variables that represent the continuum between the best interests of the acquirer and the best interests of the supplier. 9/03
Progressive Acquisition and the RUP - Part III Contracting Basics
In Part III we examine the basic elements of an effective contract, the hurdles that stand in the way, specific content suited to the contracting approach we propose, and the reasons most companies use centralized procurement. 8/03
Progressive Acquisition and the RUP - Part II Contracts that Work
In Part II we describe how to modify the traditional contracting process to fit a progressive acquisition model that meets the needs of both acquirers and suppliers. 7/03
Progressive Acquisition and the RUP - Part I Defining the Problem and Common Terminology
An initiative to formulated some basic tenets and recommendations for a progressive approach to formal acquisition of software development services using traditional contracting processes. 6/03
Software Development and Linearity - Part 2 Why some project management methodologies don't work
Part 2 continues with a look at Rapid Prototyping, why "linearity" doesn't work in software development, some associated "people" problems - and some possible answers. 5/03
Software Development and Linearity - Part 1 Popular methodologies
The needs of IS departments are to maintain, enhance or upgrade existing software systems, or respond with entirely new software to satisfy new corporate business initiatives. This paper examines the more popular project management methodologies. 4/03
PMP® Project Management Professional Study Guide by Kim Heldman PMP, Sybex, Alameda CA 2002 (Book review)
In her Study Guide for the Project Management Institute's PMP certification exam, the author takes a life span view rather than a knowledge view. 3/03
Software Project Risk Management, Success and Training
An interview with Max first published in Projects & Profits, November 2002. 1/03
The Custom Woodworking Company — Woody 2000 Project (Case Study)
The incidents described are typical of the types of things that happen in real-life projects and I have seen most of them. The problems are not difficult to spot, but can you see why they happened? 12/02
Comparing PRINCE2 with PMBoK® (Book review)
From time to time we are asked to compare project management systems and methodologies. PRINCE2 and PMBoK take very different approaches to the presentation of their material. 11/02
Building Practice Guidelines: Typical Linear Responsibility Charts (continued)
Fourth of a series of four charts listing typical tasks for a building project. This presentation continues with the project commissioning, finishing and post-project support stages of phase 4 of the typical project. 10/02
Building Practice Guidelines: Typical Linear Responsibility Charts (continued)
Third of a series of four charts listing typical tasks for a building project. This presentation continues with the final design and tender award and construction stages of phase 3 of the typical project. 9/02
Building Practice Guidelines: Typical Linear Responsibility Charts (continued)
Second of a series of four charts listing typical tasks for a building project. This presentation continues with the concept development and schematic stages of phase 2 of the typical project. 8/02
Building Practice Guidelines: Typical Building Projects Linear Responsibility Charts (BP-LRC) (with Tasks listed by Project Phase)
First of a series of four charts listing typical tasks for a building project. These lists are segregated according to the project's phase or stage and each entry recommends who should take the lead and who else should be providing significant support. This presentation covers the pre-project and concept phases. 7/02
Project Teamwork, Personality Profiles and the Population at Large: Do we have enough of the right kind of people?
Last of six papers examines the distribution of project management personality types through the general population and why some people are difficult to find. 5/02
Optimizing Success by Matching Management Style to Project Type
Fifth of six papers shows how the findings of the previous papers can be brought together to better understand the project management process and higher levels of project success. 4/02
Dominant Personality Traits Suited to Running Projects Successfully (And What Type are You?)
Fourth of six papers focuses on four dominent personality styles in project leadership and how these relate to project work and the project life span. 3/02
Toward a Fundamental Differentiation between Project Types
Third of six papers proposes a 2x2 matrix for categorizing projects based on the assumption that different types of work need to be managed differently. 2/02
Improving PM: Linking Success Criteria to Project Type
Second of six focuses on the dimensions of project success, a general project classification matrix and how the two may be correlated. 1/02
Project Management: From Genesis to Content to Classification
First of six papers describing the search for a best practices linkage from project classification through management style to project success. 12/01
Project Management Appraisal: Testing the Effectiveness of Your Project's Management
What if the project status reports clearly indicate that the project is not going according to plan? 11/01
Project Management and Education for the 21st Century
If Canada's competitive edge in the global marketplace is to be maintained, then a proper understanding of project management must become much more widely spread. 11/01
Object Lessons
Three real-life personal mini case studies. Each provides an example from which important lessons may be learned. 10/01
Applying Resource Loading, Production & Learning Curves to Construction: A Pragmatic Approach
In order to optimize productivity on new facility construction, the input of resources including men, materials and equipment, is varied according to the planned timing and availability of the work. 10/01
Construction Claims - Identification, Communication & Record Keeping
A claim is a disguised form of blackmail ... the last chance to bail out a losing job ... an assertion to a contractual right ... . It is probably not difficult to guess who expressed which point of view, but at least the common thread is clear ... extra money. 9/01
The Future of Project Management
I wrote this article in 1992 as a commentary on the past and future of project management. Now, nearly a decade later one can marvel at the advances that have been made, but wonder how much we have really learned about project management in the intervening period. 9/01
Project Management - Simple Answers to Simple Questions
Originally I wrote this to develop a brochure to promote project management in one of my client's departments. Today, project management is well established in the organization, but the answers to the questions are just as necessary. 9/01
Total Project Management of Complex Projects - Improving Performance with Modern Techniques
A discussion of what it takes to run a successful project, acknowledging the project's external environment, and the need for project management education and professionalism. The appendices contain a lot of useful reference information. 8/01
Managing the Project Environment
More and more, project managers must have concern not only for the physical environment, long term and short, but also the social environment. This paper suggests how. 7/01
The Spectrum of Project Management Future Aspects: North American Trends
Key-note address to A Conference under the Northern Lights in Reykjavik, Iceland, August 31st, 1987. 6/01
Project Management of Capital Projects - An Overview
This paper looks at the difficulties of managing modern capital projects and endeavours to reduce the complexities to simpler and more understandable terms. 6/01
Good Public Relations: An Essential Part of Successful Project Management
Three large projects in which the importance of public relations and promotion was recognized by the sponsors at the outset. 5/01
Scope-Pak Project Planning - Instructions for Conducting a Project Planning Workshop
A simple Eight-Step planning technique that you can use to quickly get your project up and running, organized and under control. 5/01
Project Management Institute: In the Beginning …
A brief history of how the Project Management Institute got started back in 1968/9. 4/01
ESA (Ethics, Standards and Accreditation) and All That
A serious but somewhat irreverent look at the knowledge framework in project management. 4/01
Executive Control with Flexibility in Managing Capital Projects
The need, management philosophy, features, organization and planning a work breakdown for project managing capital works. 3/01
Project Management Simply Explained - A Logical Framework to Help Your Understanding
Why we need project management, what it is about, what it consists of, and in what sequence. 3/01
Managing the Development of Building Projects for Better Results
The objective of a building project is to create the best possible facility for a given level of expenditure; the objective of management should be to establish an effective project team, a unity of purpose and commitment to results. 2/01
Negotiating for Project Benefit Originally adapted from You Can Negotiate Anything, Audio Cassette, 1990 Audio Renaissance Tapes Inc., Los Angeles, with permission of the original author Herb Cohen.
You're working on a project but you don't feel that you have enough authority to get things done. You are not alone. In fact that is the way most projects really are. So, how do you get things done? 1/01
Project Manager to Project Leader? and the Rocky Road Between... Vijay K. Verma and R. Max Wideman
Leadership, management and team building, while all closely allied, are sufficiently different in the project environment that they require special study. 12/00

Defining Project Management Knowledge as a Basis for Global Communication, Learning and Professionalism
If we are to advance towards a 'Global Profession' as some suggest, then we need a vehicle for effective communication and a common understanding of the content and structure of the field. 11/00

A Project Management Knowledge Structure for the 21st Century
This paper is a 'discussion' paper rather than a 'solution' paper and describes the possibilities for a structured arrangement of the elements of a body of knowledge for project management. 11/00
First Principles of Project Management
This paper is an update of an earlier version that generated some vigorous exchanges. It sets out a philosophical discussion of the fundamentals of project management and tries to address some of the issues raised. It is not expected to be either definitive or final. Rev. 11/03


Available at:
A Management Framework for Project, Program and Portfolio Integration
ISBN-10: 1412027861
ISBN-13: 978-1412027861
Welcome to the exciting world of project management! Whatever size or type of project you work on, this handbook provides fascinating insights into the expectations, processes and satisfaction of managing projects successfully. You will also find recommendations for establishing effective project portfolio and program management, as well as some advanced theory of project management.

      Kindle Edition

Cost Control of Capital Projects: and the Project Cost Management System Requirements
ISBN 0-921095-35-X
ASIN: B0007B0WB4
This second edition is a comprehensive how-to guide to controlling a project from concept to completion, including contracting strategies, WBS, project accounting, productivity and more. (Out of Print--Limited Availability)


A Framework for Project and Program Management Integration
ISBN-10: 188041001X
ISBN-13: 978-1880410011
This book, originally published by the Project Management Institute, is no longer available through them.

Project and Program Risk Management
ISBN-10: 1880410060
ISBN-13: 978-1880410066
Understand your project better by adopting risk management. This handbook provides a simplified approach leading to significant risk reduction, better project performance and ultimate success.

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