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Published here June 2013

Introduction to the Books
Book  1  - An Introduction to Project Management
Introduction | Table of Contents | General Observations and Recommendations
Book 2 - The Six Sigma Handbook
Introduction | Table of Contents | General Observations and Recommendations
Book 3 - Facilitating Project Performance Improvement
Introduction | Table of Contents | General Observations and Recommendations

Book 3 - Facilitating Project Performance Improvement, Jerry Julian, 2010


According to the book's cover sheet, Facilitating Project Performance Improvement - A Practical Guide to Multi-Level Learning:[9]

"provides a practical guide to facilitating business transformation and performance improvement for project organizations. It is grounded in cutting-edge research in the fields of project management and organizational learning."

In author Jerry Julian's view:[10]

"In project management, doing 'lessons learned' at the end is simply too late. By that time, there's nothing that can be done to improve your results. The key to maximizing the return on any project is multi-level learning, a continuous improvement approach that draws on lean concepts and tools to optimize communication, establish repeatable processes, and leverage cross-team innovations while projects, programs, and strategies are 'in flight'"

Hence, the author's objective is to get across to middle and senior management, including functional department managers, the idea of gathering lessons learned during the various phases of a project, while the information is fresh in people's minds. And this applies especially to program managers and the members of the Program Management Office (if it exists) in companies that engage in a stream of projects as their main line of business. The end purpose is to head off repetitive problems before they start by capturing danger signals and transferring mitigation strategies to other projects in the portfolio or program, to avoid runaway calamities.

About the author

Jerry Julian is an operations and technology performance improvement strategist and President & CEO of Julian Advisory Group. In writing the book, Jerry clearly has Information Technology and Research and Development companies in mind.

Book 2 - The Six Sigma Handbook  Book 2 - The Six Sigma Handbook

9. Julian, Jerry, Facilitating Project Performance Improvement, AMACOM, 2010, p1.
10. Ibid, front cover flap.
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