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Published here February 2020

Bryan McConachy: Bryan's Pitch
Max: Response | Scope of Proposed Climate Change | Justification | The No-project Option
Helen Cooke: Helen Cooke's Perspective


Last year, 2019, was the Project Management Institute's 50th anniversary of its original launching. It was a great occasion, especially amongst the Project Management Institute's Fellows who assembled en masse for the occasion. And a lot of interest, talk and excitement were garnered, especially amongst its older Fellows, who were there "at the beginning". Then the talk turned to: "What if we all got together for a face-to-face discussion, what would we talk about that could be current and beneficial?" Several suggestions were offered, and here are a couple of them from my friends and colleagues, Bryan McConachy, FPMI and Helen Cook, FPMI.[1]


1. Bryan and Helen are both long-standing members of the Project Management Institute, USA.
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