This paper was originally written in 1985 before projects 1 & 2, referred to in the text, were completed. Further details of Project Public Relations can be found in Issacons #1092 to 1097.

Published here May 2001.

Intro | Examples | PR Concept | The Plan | Effectiveness | Philosophy
Issues & Concerns | Implementation | Communication | Conclusion


The author has been associated with three large projects in which. the importance of public relations and promotion was recognized by the sponsors at the outset. By virtue of their territorial spread, all three projects had the potential for considerable impact on their surrounding districts. In each project, one privately funded and the other two publicly funded, an official public relations or equivalent function was established to handle the project's "interface with the public". The results of this strategy and its effect on project activities was followed with considerable interest. Drawing on this background, a convincing case is made for the benefits of such a strategy. The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to suggest a model PR program for application to future projects.

On a smaller project it is noted that perhaps the term "Communications Plan" may be more acceptable to management.

Although the projects referred to are all large and clearly recognized the need for public relations, it is suggested that the principles established are just as evident and should be recognized on an appropriate scale by any project manager on any size of project.


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