A Presentation to the Construction Industry in the cities of Bangalore, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and New Delhi on behalf of the Consultancy Development Centre, New Delhi, India - January 1990.

Published here September, 2001.

Table of Contents | Introduction | Understanding | Environment
Education | Summary | Appendix A | Appendix  B | Appendix C

This presentation deals with the issues involved in understanding and running successful capital projects in terms of Executive control, internal project environment, project management integrative and control functions, project phases, work breakdown structure (WBS) and how they all relate. Key success factors are identified.

The presentation places special emphasis on the importance of forming linkages to the project external environment, and a separate section deals with project management education and professionalism, its basis and importance. Appendices cover construction project management functions, essentials rules for WBS work packages and a short Glossary of Project Management Terminology.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Understanding and Running a Successful Project
2.1 The Keys to Success
2.2 Traditional Corporate Management
2.3 The Project Manager's Organizational Environment
2.4 Project Phases
2.5 Executive Control Points
2.6 Project Brief
2.7 Project Management Functions
2.8 Project Control Cycle
2.9 Function-Process-Time Relationship
2.10 Project Manager's Objectives
2.11 Work Breakdown Structure
2.12 Prerequisites for a Successful Project

3.0 The Environment External to the Project
3.1 The Project Manager's External Responsibility
3.2 The External Environment
3.3 The Project Stakeholders
3.4 Stakeholder Categories

4.0 Project Management Education and Professionalism
4.1 Change and the Need for Professionalism
4.2 What is Project Management?
4.3 What is Professionalism?
4.4 The Body of Knowledge Structure
4.5 Project Management Control Functions
4.6 The Project Life Cycle
4.7 Project Management Integrative Functions

5.0 Summary
Appendix A
A1 Strategic Planning
A2 Planning and Scheduling
A3 Budgeting and Estimating
      Table A-1: Typical Project Plan Content
A4 Cost Control and Accounting
A5 Regular Status Reporting
A6 Management of Design Consultants
A7 Procurement and Contract Administration
      A7.1 Procurement
      A7.2 Expediting
      A7.3 Quality Assurance and Control
      A7.4 Payment Certification
A8 Management of Construction and Commissioning
      A8.1 Construction Management
      A8.2 Commissioning

Appendix B
Appendix C
Management Definitions
Other Useful Definitions

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