Published here December 2011

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There is no doubt about it, some project meetings can cost an awful lot of lost productive time and rack up the expenditure side of the project budget. It gets worse if some or all of the meetings are a waste of time - not necessarily for everyone, but certainly for some of the attendees. The sorts of time-wasters that we have in mind are those that grandstand, argue pointlessly, or are intent on sharing their family history, to say nothing of last night's conquest.

Another terrible time waster is the "Open door" policy. Personally, my door was always shut, that is, when I had a door. If someone wished to discuss something with me we would arrange a mutually convenient time by phone or Email. Otherwise, by all means drop by around quitting time.

But today, things seem to be different. With large numbers of people working in open cubicles and everyone seemingly in the "need to know" circle, the amount of wasted time in both official and unofficial meetings must be monumental. No wonder it is difficult to bring projects in on time and within budget!

But wait! Here are a couple of devices that attempt to solve these problems. The following news releases[1] detail two unique products designed to help increase productivity for companies and businesses nationwide, and especially on complex projects that are rife with meetings that need to be short and to the point.


1. News releases shared with us by Todd Brabender, Spread The News PR, Email:
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