Published here September, 2009.

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Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO is reportedly coauthored by Steve Rollins and Gerry Kendall. However, it appears from the Acknowledgements that Steve did most, if not too much, of the writing while Gerry spent a lot of time keeping him on track. So goes the typical project! But the authors also had a special weapon in their armory in the form of the well-known Dr. Harold Kerzner, who provided them with extensive mentoring to help shape the book's format and content.

It is hardly surprising then that Harold could write in his Foreword:

"Today, the marketplace finally has a textbook [that] is not only the most comprehensive textbook ever published on the subject, but should certainly become the standard for PMO development for years to come."


"Throughout the text, Kendall and Rollins provide real-world examples of how to make a PMO work effectively. It is always better to learn from the success and failure of others than to learn from your own mistakes. With the importance of the PMO expected to increase significantly over the next decade, this textbook should be in the personal library of all project managers."[1]

That's nice to know. It is also nice to know that the book is supported by supplementary templates, worksheets, etc. available from the Web Added Value Download Resource Center website ( established by J. Ross Publishing, Inc. Some of the downloads are free to purchasers of the book, such as Asset Portfolio Template; Basic PMO Communications Plan; Business Case for Implementing a PMO; Generic EPM Tool Selection Matrix, for example, all in PDF format. Steve also hosts a web site, on which he provides free information, templates and plans. You have to register to access the information but registration is free.


1. Kendall, G. I., & S. C. Rollins, Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO: J. Ross Publishing, Inc. & International Institute of Learning, Inc., 2003, Foreword
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