Published here November, 2008.

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Dhanu Kothari is president of D2i Consulting, a project management services delivery company based in Ontario, Canada. He is well known on the project management circuit for his publications and presentations at project management conferences. After twenty-five years or so of project management experience with such companies as HP, Honeywell, Nortel, Scotiabank and the Norwegian Computing Center, he then started his own company. At that point, he obviously felt the need to document and explain how to "translate" theory into practice. As Dhanu says: "[This] book is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice of Project Management, and to explain how to apply the principles of Project Management for managing successful projects."[1]

Well, Dhanu should know. According to his bio, at various times he has performed as Engagement Manager, Program Manager and Resource Manager, with the companies listed earlier. From that list you can also deduce that Dhanu's experience is largely in the information technology field and influenced by projects dominated by matrix organizational structures and extensive multi-tasking.

According to Dhanu:

"The book is organized as a series of essays on the 'what and how' of successful Project Management, each one dealing with a specific and practical aspect of the subject. The essays serve as windows into the world of Project Management and present an integrated panoramic view of challenges and best practices."[2]

That is, at least in the view of the author.

The book is well populated with checklists relevant to the topics under discussion and, interestingly, many of those checklists are suited to those responsible for managing portfolios of projects.


1. By personal letter, 7/5/06
2. Kothari, D., Rainbows & Ratholes,, 2006, p1.
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