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The Opportunity | Project Concept | Planning | Design
Construction | Startup | Control | Post Project Appraisal
Case Study Exercise | Project Appraisal Questionnaire


I first developed this case study in 1993 for a local construction project management course. The incidents described are typical of the types of things that happen in real-life projects and I have seen most of them. Hopefully, they do not all happen on the same project, but the reality is that if project sponsors do not start out with an understanding of project management and its processes, the probability of such things happening are surprisingly high.

I have set out the story of the project according to its natural evolution. The commercial environment described was very typical of that existing here at that time. The problems are not difficult to spot, but can you see why they happened?

The case study is followed by a set of questions organized by project management knowledge area. You may use the case study and questions as you wish, subject to the copyright limitations.


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