Published here October, 2001

Introduction | Education | Airport Expansion | Program Startup


The following three pages bring you three real-life personal mini case studies. Each provides an example from which important lessons may be learned.

The first "Project Management in Education" was a seminar project that a colleague and I undertook to bring this discipline to a publicly funded organization. It demonstrates vividly how, in spite of a carefully prepared plan and patient collection of "customer requirements" input, the project can still go horribly wrong.

The second "Major Airport Expansion" describes how a difficult project proposal was salvaged and, much to everyone's surprise, secured a contract award. The key was a simple understanding of the Project Management Institute's body of knowledge

The third "Facilitating a Major Program Startup" describes how a major administrative environmental-driven project was successfully launched in an organization much more familiar with the bricks and mortar type of project. In this environment the prevailing culture was more attuned to "Tell me what to do, and I'll do it, but don't waste my time otherwise!" The key in this case was to hold not one, but several carefully planned startup meetings.


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