Published here December 2020

Introduction | Exhibit #1 - September 29, 2014
Exhibit #2 - September 29, 2014  | Exhibit #3 - September 31, 2014


There is no doubt that the presentation of the Winter Olympics in 2010 was a great success. However, the project to create housing for the competing athletes coming from all over the world, and to have the built housing to be a lasting legacy that would contribute to Vancouver's tight housing market was quite another story. Part of the problem was the challenge of designing accommodation for a large host of athletes over a very short period, while at the same time designing accommodation for a much smaller group of family needs over the long term.

At the time, there was much criticism from representatives of the competing interests, and there was obviously very poor management of the whole endeavor that involved a significant loss of taxpayers money, and the bankruptcy of one of the main building contractors.

The challenge in this case study is to review the status of the resulting built environment as it appears from the perspective of some 10 years later. In other words, from this perspective, should the original investment be seen as an overall financial success, or an abject failure?

Note that not all of the relevant information is included in the documentation provided below. Search on the Internet will be necessary to draw you to your particular findings and enable you to document support for your final conclusions.


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