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If this is your first visit to this Issacon page, then take a look at Issacons 1001 and 1002 first.

IAC1001 discusses four fundamentally different "Areas of Project Management Application" (APMA), i.e. different types of project each requiring different approaches to their management.

IAC1002 describes the structure of the "Issacon Knowledge" in terms of level in a knowledge hierarchy.

Issacons© (Issues and Considerations)

I have had many, many occasions when I needed a 'list of items' that I should worry about in my project work or in response to a client's query. Since I didn't want to spend hours pouring over text books or paging through my notes to find the information I developed these project checklists of "Issues and Considerations" ("Issacons" for short). All Issacons are presented in a PowerPoint format, and divided into separate subjects of interest as listed below.

1001 (General) | 1030 (PM Guidelines) | 1060 (WBS, Planning)
1100 (Risk) | 1125 (Scope) | 1150 (PM Models) | 1175 (Quality)
1200 (PM Forms) | 1275 (Job Descriptions) | 1300 (Time) | 1325 (Cost) | 1350 (People)
1400 (Contract/Procurement) | 1430 (Info/Coms)

Note 1: If your question is a simple one, you might just find it in my paper: Project Management - Simple Answers to Simple Questions

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General project management application

1001. Areas of Project Management Application (APMA)
How many fundamentally different types of project are there, and what are they?
1002. Project Management Topic Levels
What are the Issacon Topic Levels and why bother?
1002a. Why Project Management?
Can you give me compelling reasons why we should adopt project management?
1002b. Special Features of Projects
What are the special features of projects and why are projects different?
1002c. Comparing Projects & Operations
What are the differences between projects and operations management?

1003. Project Management Office
What is a "Project Management Office" and how can it help?
1003a. Project Board
What is a "Project Board" and how can it help?
1004a. Program Office - Part A
What is a "Program Office" and how can it help?
1004b. Program Office - Part B
What mentoring, training and services can a Program Office provide? What are the benefits?
1004c1. Project Portfolio Management
What is project portfolio management, and why use it?

1004c2. Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
When is PPM appropriate and how do you get it started in an organization?
1004c3. Project Portfolio Management Office (PPMO)
What is a project portfolio management office and what does it do?
1004c4. Project Portfolio Management
What are the responsibilities of a project portfolio management office?
1004c5. Project Portfolio Management
How do I get PPM started in my organization?
1004c6. PPM Benefits Assessment
How do we assess whether a project in a portfolio is delivering on its intended benefits?

1004c7. Ongoing PPM Reporting (Pt A): What Management needs to know
What reports are needed by the different management stakeholders in the PPM system?
1004c8. Ongoing PPM Reporting (Pt B): What Management needs to know
What reports are needed by the PPMO in the PPM system?
1004c9. Project Portfolio Management: Managing Strategic Risk
How should we manage risk at the project portfolio level?
1004c10. Enterprise Portfolio Management: Overview
What is different about Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM)?
1004c11. Enterprise Portfolio Management: The EPPM System
Tell me more about an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management System (EPPMS)?

1004c12. Enterprise Portfolio Management: Specific Challenges
What are the special challenges facing an EPPMO?
1004c13. Enterprise Portfolio Management: Harvesting Benefits
Harvesting of benefits is obvious, but why the feedback?
1004d. Project Selection
When, where and how is project selection accomplished?
1004e. Project Selection Ranking
We have a lot of projects to choose from. Can you help with a rigorous selection process?
1004f. Program Office Policies - Part A
What core policies should a Program or Project Office consider adopting?

1004g. Program Office Policies - Part B
What facilitating policies should a Program or Project Office consider adopting?
1004h. Launching a Project Office
We've decided we need a project office. Where do we go from here?
1004i. Justifying a Project Office
If we establish a project office, how can we justify it?
1004j. IT Project Management Office
What is an IT Project Management Office and how can it help?
1005. Program Office: Pros and Cons
What are the arguments for and against having a program or project office?

1005a. Managing Change - Part A
Is managing change different from change management? If so, tell me more
1005b. Managing Change - Part B
Do you have any suggestions for managing enterprise change?
1006. Project Effectiveness Review
What is a project effectiveness review and what questions should I ask?
1007. Project Assumptions
What assumptions should I consider in developing my project charter or brief?
1008. Project Metrics
What metrics should I consider using for determining the performance of my project?

1012. Project Life Cycle or Span
What is a project life cycle or span, and what does it look like?
1013a. Project Management Methodologies
What is project management methodology, and why use it?
1013b. Technology Management Methodologies
What technology management methodologies do you recommend?
1013c. Community of Practice - Part A
What is a Community of Practice and what is the key to learning?
1013d. Community of Practice - Part B
Community of Practice: What problem does it solve?

1013e. Community of Practice - Part C
Community of Practice: What are the best practices?
1014. Getting It Done
My project seems to be stuck at 95%. How do I get it finished?
1015. Constructability
I've heard of "constructability". What is it and why is it important?
1017 PM Success in Programs and Large Projects - Part A
What makes for program or project success? What conditions must be in place?
1017a PM Success in Programs and Large Projects - Part B
What makes for program or project success? What conditions must be in place?

1018. Technical Management Success (in Programs and Large Projects)
What are the essential background factors that must be in place for successful programs or large projects?
1019. IS/IT Program Management
What is the best way for a corporation to control a portfolio of projects?
1023. Business Change Management
What lessons can be learned from implementing business change projects?
1024. Business Process Reengineering
What is Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and what does it do?
1027. Project Types
I've read Issacon #1001 about APMAs, but what about risk and complexity?

1028. How much Project Management?
What are some of the considerations I should consider in setting up my project?
1028a. Selecting a Consultant
How should I go about selecting a consultant for my project?
1029. Project Failure
What constitutes failure and why do projects fail?

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