Published here June 2012

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Book 1 - What Executives Need to Know about Project Management
Book 2 - What Functional Managers Need to Know about Project Management
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Book 4 - Managing Complex Projects

Book 3 - Value-Driven Project Management

If readers have arrived here directly, they should first go back and read the Introduction in Part 1 of this paper.

The contents of this book are clearly focused on the project management community. For example, on the fly cover it states: "this easy-to-follow guide will revolutionize the way you view and practice project management." In the Preface it states:[23] "The changing economic climate and the increasingly competitive global environment are driving project managers to become more business oriented." And in Chapter 1:[24] "Given our premise that project managers are now more actively involved in the business, we must track the [project] assumptions the same way that we track budgets and schedules."

2 - What Functional Managers Need to Know about Project Management  Book 2 - What Functional Managers Need to Know about Project Management

23. Kerzner, H., Ph.D., & F. P. Saladis, PMP, Value-Driven Project Management, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., NJ, 2009, p vii
24. Ibid, p5
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