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Published here July 2013

Introduction to the Books
Book 1 - Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage
Introduction | Table of Contents | General Observations and Recommendations
Book 2 - 101 Project Management Problems and How to Solve Them
Introduction | Table of Contents | General Observations and Recommendations
Book 3 - Rescue the Problem Project
Introduction | Table of Contents | General Observations and Recommendations

Book 2 - 101 Project Management Problems and How to Solve Them by Tom Kendrick, 2011


As the title of the book suggests, author Tom Kendrick describes 101 Typical Project Problems and suggests ways to solve them. As he says:[7]

"When you're responsible for a project, things go wrong. Even if you're a skilled veteran with a solid pan, things will happen that you least expect. And if you are less experienced, there is a startling number of ways that your project can get into trouble. Despite your best efforts and intentions, there are plenty of problems and challenges that can - and often will - arise at any step from any angle to derail your team's work.

What you need - right away - are field-proven fixes, practical answers to urgent questions and simple strategies for navigating around the unforeseen obstacles you'll encounter throughout your project.

You can put that dry, unhelpful tome of academic theory back on the shelf. 101 Project Management Problems and How to Solve Them shows you how to:

  • Keep your project on track despite unavoidable interruptions
  • Prevent unreliable outside collaborations from jeopardizing the entire project
  • Manage project teams who have little or no project management experience
  • Make up for lost time without cutting corners
  • Succeed in the face of threatened budget cuts"

As most readers will know, on our web site we have assembled over 550 "Issacons"[8] - answers to questions that arise when you are starting and planning a project. In a way, the objective of Tom's book is the corollary of Issacons; with answers to the risk events that inevitable occur when you are doing the project. In reviewing this book, we can say that we empathize with almost all of Tom's recommendations - "been there done that"! Of course, what you actually decide to do in your case depends on the particular project circumstance. Here, in most cases, Tom also notes what your response "Depends on:" at the start of each two-page recommendation.

All of Tom's recommendations are essentially "generic", so the contents will be valuable to any project manager or leader in any area of project management application.

About the author

Tom Kendrick MBA, MSEE, PMP, is a project management consultant and former project management executive for Hewlett-Packard and for Visa Inc. He has nearly 30 years of project management experience, managing a wide range of engineering, information technology and networking projects. He has also directed projects in the United States, Europe, and Asia for Visa Inc., General Electric, DuPont, and ADP Network Services. He is also the author of several other books. He lives in San Carlos, California and can be reached at

Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage  Book 1 - Project Management:
Achieving Competitive Advantage

7. Kendrick, T. 101 Project Management Problems and How to solve them, AMACOM, 2011, back cover
8. "Issacons" is a word that we coined to stand for "Issues and Considerations", see
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