Published here September 2012

Introduction | Contributors Providing General Information
Contributors who say PM is Not a Profession | PART 2


In August, our Guests: Gareth Byatt, Gary Hamilton and Jeff Hodgkinson tackled the challenging question of Should Project Managers be Professionally Licensed? and presented arguments on both sides of the question. But underlying this question is the issue of whether project management is a profession that could be licensed in the first place. This is obviously a hot topic because Oliver Lehmann started a parallel discussion on LinkedIn with the following proposition:

Do you consider "Project manager" a profession or not?

  1. "Project manager" is a profession.
  2. "Project manager" is no profession.
  3. "Project manager" is a half-profession.
  4. I don't know.

Within a month, this discussion thread had generated a lot of ink. That is, over 18,000 words in 158 replies. Oliver Lehmann, by the way, is Oliver F. Lehmann, PMP, CLI-CP 1st Trainer for Project Management, Proposal Management, Connective Leadership, Munich Area, Germany, and VP Members at PMI Munich Chapter.

We have selected what we think are the most valuable responses in terms of contributing to the discussion and we have done it in two parts under three headings:

Part 1




Contributors providing general information


Contributors who say "project management" is not a Profession

Part 2


Contributions that appear ambivalent


Contributors who say "project management" is a profession, and


Conclusion and Contributors to the discussion

We have formatted the submission for web site viewing using North American spelling. Some grammatical editing has been necessary to make the extracts make sense. However, occasionally the context is lost because of compartmentalizing the extracts.

This topic has generated a lot of passion as well as a lot of heat and, as often happens in such blogs, some respondents got off topic and even combative. We have left those remarks out as not being relevant to the main thread of interest!


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