Published here March, 2004.

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Project Management Maturity Model | American Productivity & Quality Center Perspective
Not the Answer We Expected 


For some time we have been advocating the idea of a project management knowledge structure (PMKS). In a 1997 paper "A Project Management Knowledge Structure for the 21st Century"[1] we wrote: "The purpose of such a structured arrangement would be to provide the basis for a more systematic discussion of project management issues." We went on to explain that: "Perhaps the most important opportunity for a PMKS is to facilitate rapid identification of needed information.

A consistent grouping of subject matter would also be helpful to practitioners and educators alike for practice, training, education and research. It could be very helpful in conveying an integrated understanding of PM. Even identifying a realistic scope of project management for professional purposes would be a significant step forward."


1. Project Management Institute's 28th Annual Seminar & Symposium, Chicago, Illinois, September 29, 1997
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