Published here April 2012

Introduction to the Books | About the Authors and Their Books
Book 1 - Introduction and Book Structure | What We Liked | Downside | Summary
Book 2 - What Functional Managers Need to Know about Project Management
Book 3 - Value-Driven Project Management
Book 4 - Managing Complex Projects

Book 1 - What Executives Need to Know about Project Management

From the title, it is evident that the target audience is executive management either already involved in, or intent upon being involved in the management of one or more projects. However, the type or types of project will be discussed later. If readers have arrived here directly, they should first go back and read the Introduction to this paper.

Book Structure

Each chapter is divided into sub-topics consisting of one or more pairs of pages. These chapter headings are as follows:

  1. Project Management Principles - 2 topics
  2. The Evolution of Project Management - 13 topics
  3. The Benefits of Project Management - 2 topics
  4. Three Core Best Practices - 3 topics
  5. Role of the Executive as a Project Sponsor - 2 topics
  6. Special Problems Facing Executives - 19 topics
  7. New Challenges Facing Senior Management - 15 topics
  8. Additional Responsibilities for Executives - 7 topics
About the Authors and Their Books  About the Authors and Their Books

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