Published here April 2016

Preface | Executive Summary | Introduction | Expansion of the Term Project Management
The Project Management Timeframe | Project Risk and Success | Conclusion


I wrote the original book: "A Framework for Project and Program Management Integration" that was published by the Project Management Institute back in 1991 — a quarter of a century ago! That book seems to have stood the test of time; although we do understand a lot more about project management than we did in those days. However, a lot of the valuable insights in that book seem to have got lost in the mists of time and in the frenzy just to get through the PMP exam. It seems that one is expected to learn the rest through experience!

Nevertheless, there has been much discussion in the last few years about whether a project management Framework Standard should be established and, if so, what would it look like, and what would be its content? Since I have some opinions on this matter, I thought I would scribble one of my website Musings. However, as I dug into the subject, that exercise became much more than just a Musing. Here is the resulting paper.


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