Published here August, 2005.

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Jason Charvat published this book in 2003 and in it he discusses "Selecting, Implementing and Supporting Methodologies and Processes for Projects". That's really part of the title but was too long to put in our header! As Jason notes in his introduction, and we agree, there are not many publications that address project methodologies and templates. So we approached this book with considerable interest.

Jason's background is in the information technology (IT) sector so this book is heavily oriented towards that industry even though he does try to include the traditional industries, such as construction. Notwithstanding, Jason has a number of important messages to deliver to project management practitioners generally as we shall see. For example, he observes:

"... irrespective of the industry type or size[, e]very project undertaken today requires a common structure or framework in which to start ..."[1]

In his Foreword, Robert D. Simplot, President/CEO of RCG Information Technology, Inc., goes even further:

"When all projects in the enterprise follow a standardized template, then and only then will project management evolve gradually into an everyday way of life."[2]

While we believe this statement to be quite true, it must be born in mind that the more diverse the range of projects being managed in a project portfolio, the more general that "standardized" template must be.


1. Charvat, J., Project Management Methodologies, John Wiley & Sons, NJ, 2003, p xiii
2. Ibid, p x
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