Originally I wrote this for one of my clients in 1991. The idea was to develop a brochure to promote project management in one of the client's departments. Today, project management is well established in the organization, but the answers to the questions are just as necessary.

Published here September, 2001

Questions | Answers

Simple Questions

  1. What is a project?
  2. Why do I need project management?
  3. Why do projects need planning?
  4. What level of project management do I need?
  5. If I am empowered, why do I need project management?
  6. Is that all there is to project management?
  7. If I only have a small project, do I really need to bother with all of that?
  8. How important are the stakeholders?
  9. How do I get started?
  10. What is a successful project?
  11. How do I get my project organized?
  12. What is a project plan and what does it involve?
  13. What is a project life cycle or span?
  14. How much time should planning take?
  15. What value does project management add?
  16. Why do projects always seem to take longer than expected?
  17. What if I need more time?
  18. Why do projects always seem to cost more than expected?
  19. How do I best control cost?
  20. What if I need more money?
  21. Can surprises be reduced?
  22. What is a task manager?
  23. How do I get resources?
  24. How do I organize and apply resources?
  25. What do project managers do?
  26. What communication do I need?
  27. Where can I get help?


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