OD -

Owner or Developer of project

PD -

Project Director, Owner's representative


Lead Architect or Consultant


Project Construction Manager

JA -

Jurisdictional Authorities

denotes primary responsibility

denotes significant supporting responsibility

Published here July, 2002.

Introduction | Pre-Project Study | Concept Phase
Concept Development | Schematic Design | Final Design | Tender & Award
Construction | Project Commissioning & Finishing

3.0     Project Execution Phase

3.1.0   Stage 1 - Final Design (Working Drawings, Specs & Contract Docs)

•  Throughout every project phase, both Project and Technical Management must proceed in tandem and be closely integrated.

•  Prior to construction contract award, the 'PCM' is a knowledgeable construction industry representative such as a senior construction estimator. After construction contract award, the 'PCM' is either the prime contractor's manager or, if trade contracts are let directly, an experienced independent construction manager. In this Stage 1 the 'PCM' is a knowledgeable construction industry representative.

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Responsibility »






     Project Management

Prepare final Design Schedule

Review operating & maintenance costs

Review building efficiencies

Establish General Conditions of Contract

Raise Phased Construction Schedule to Tender Level

Update Master Schedule

Evaluate labor & trade contractor market

Prepare General or Trade Contractor bid lists (as requ'd.)

Conduct Design Check Estimates as details develop

Raise Definition Budget to Pre-Tender Level

Update cash flow requirements

Establish insurance program

Assemble Tender documentation for owner's confirmation

Review and approve orÉ

Revise as needed

Major Decision: Tendering go ahead, or abort


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Responsibility »






     Technical Mgt: Final Design

Arrange & chair Final Design coordination meetings

Review impact of Development Agreement on design

Incorporate findings of Value engineering analyses

Finalize architectural components & systems selection

Evaluate structural system alternatives & finalize

Finalize mechanical & electrical systems selection

Evaluate vertical transportation systems & finalize

Update Schematic Design details

Develop detailed specifications

Develop working drawings

Liaise with Jurisdictional authorities over design details

Review working drawings & specifications

Submit long-delivery item specifications for ordering

Arrange for mock-ups of key design elements


Schematic Design  Schematic Design

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