The views expressed in these introductory reviews are strictly those of Max Wideman.
The contents of these two books under review are the copyright property of
Dennis Lock © 2013.
Published here November 2013 (Book 1) and December 2013 (Book 2)

Introduction to the Books
Book 1 - Project Management, Tenth Edition
Introduction | Table of Contents
General Observations: Overview and Techniques | Managing People and Exercising Control
CD-ROM Contents

Book 2 - Naked Project Management, The Bare Facts
Introduction | Table of Contents
General Observations and Recommendations | Quibbles


In these reviews, we examine the whole book to get a "feel" for its total scope, objective and our view of its most suited target audience according to the evident area of project management application. We also try to comment on the quality of writing and style, level of reading from "introductory" to in-depth to "academic" and so on. Finally, we make an assessment of how realistic and sound we feel the content is and add our comments and suggestions.

In this set, the first book is quite large while the second is relatively small. However, both are by the same author and, as you will see, the two books are related. That is why there are only two books in this set.

We hope that potential readers of these books will find these reviews helpful.

Books discussed in this Review

  1. Project Management, Tenth Edition
  2. Naked Project Management, The Bare Facts

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