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Published here October 2017

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This book provides valuable insights for those who have responsibility for managing large-scale programs, i.e. as program managers as distinct from project managers. These are challenges where many projects are involved together with "other related work" and where so-called other related work is essential but not necessarily projectized. This type of responsibility typically requires careful coordination of the countless distinct actions that constitute the interconnection of all the assembled projects, and sub projects, some of which are often being conducted in far away places.

As the write-up on this book's cover sheet observes:[1]

"[This book] delivers exactly what it promises — high-impact techniques for handling project workflow, deliverables, and teams. These techniques will enable you and your program staff to convert large-scale undertakings into collections of smaller, well-managed projects. While the scope will remain complex and layered, the information and techniques presented [in this book] will allow you to manage them coherently and efficiently. These strategies can be applied to any program, [but] are especially well adapted to high-tech undertakings."

And that includes, of course, large-sale information-technology programs. But it also assumes that you have 100% support from the political masters that are inevitably involved in promoting the venture, and that you permit absolutely no interference in the day-to-day management of same.


"Kendrick reveals, in clear, accessible text, amplified by diagrams, graphs, and real-life examples, the fundamental concepts and proven approaches that will help you master program management. Step by step, this book will guide you through controlling the structures and hierarchies that make up a large-scale program, from initiation through execution and finally successful closure.

You'll see how to:

  • Break complex deliverables into management chunks;
  • Control program scope;
  • Develop credible, workable plans that manage workflow dependencies;
  • Conduct periodic in-depth plan reviews;
  • Establish effective governance;
  • Manage diverse stakeholder perspectives and priorities;
  • Organize program staff and project leaders into a high-performing team;
  • And more."

About the author

Tom Kendrick, PMP, is the program director for Project Management and Agile Management for UC Berkley Extension and a faculty member of the American Management Association. His professional experience includes twenty years with Hewlett-Packard and five years as an internal project management consultant for Visa Inc. He has also directed projects in the United States, Europe, and Asia for General Electric, DuPont, ADP Network Services, and as an independent consultant. He is also the author of several books on project management.


1. Kendrick, Tom, PMP, How to Manage Complex Programs: published by USA, 2016, Book front-cover sheet.
2. Ibid, back-cover sheet
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