first published this interview on their web site in November 2006.

Published here May, 2008.

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Editor's Note:

PMHub[1] is a Professional PM Community group comprising almost 50,000 Project Managers, Project Leaders and Program Managers. It was founded on June 4, 2001, initially as the Yahoo group, "PMPCERT". The PMHub web site is a study resource that aims to assist managers around the world to study for their PMP or CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) certification exams, based on the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge ("PMBoK").

Since May 2005, PMHub has a four-prong solution in its mission to help Project Managers to upgrade their professional skills:

  • The web site provides additional info and links to important PM information and at the same time provides PM with community building tools: PM Blog and PM Photo Gallery.
  • PMHub Forums: extends to meet the needs of the PM world, PMP and PMP aspirants for a PM hub. Not only are Project Management Professional ("PMP") issues discussed, but also the real world PM, Country issues, Study clubs, Job Boards, Vacancies, salary, review of books/articles, Buy& Sell etc. We have expanded from a mere PMP Preparation group to a real PM Hub. With membership approaching 20,000 by 2008, this will be the largest PM community
  • PMHUB Googlegroups:
  • is now the largest global PM group on the web with more than 18,000 members

PMHub's questions on Max's personal career

PMH: Max, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself, personal and professional? What is your personal background?
PMH: Max, please let us know a little bit of your professional background.
PMH: How about your PM career?
PMH: When did you start doing PM work?
PMH: Why and how did you start your PM work?
PMH: What is the difference between the PM world at that time and now?
PMH: Do you have any particular memorable case study in your PM experience?

PMHub's questions on Max's relationship with PMI

PMH: How is your experience and working relationship with PMI in the past and now?
PMH: Do you think that a PM whose entire career was IT could manage a construction project?
PMH: What do you think about the PMP certification and why?
PMH: If today you were asked to write PMBOK what would you do?
PMH: Max, how do you make PMBOK really useful?
PMH: Do you think the PM profession is a well-respected one as compared to medical or legal?
PMH: Please tell us about a project that you are now involved in.


1. Visit the PMHub web site at
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