This paper was presented to a conference on "The Project Management Information Society", May 14-16, 1995, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was given at a time when the idea of a Canadian project management institute was being promoted.

Published November 2001

Introduction  | Client-Server | Leadership | Project Life Cycle
Team Building | Skills |  Knowledge | PMI•Canada | Conclusions


In almost all areas of management application, project management, or rather "Managing by Projects", is considered to be the "new breed of management" for the 1990s and beyond. If this is true, and CanadaÍs competitive edge in the global market place is to be maintained, then a proper understanding of project management in all its ramifications must become much more widely spread. To achieve that requires a significant educational effort and this effort, to be both effective and efficient, will require a "new breed of education". But where will the drive for a better understanding of this relatively new discipline come from?

This drive is already with us in the form of a "new breed of projects" in our real-time information society. The hi-tech world of computing provides a prime example for illustration.


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