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Published here July 2018

Introduction to the Books
Book 1 - What if Common Sense was Common Practice in Business?
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Book 2 - A Pocket Guide to Stakeholders' Management Engagement
Introduction | Book Structure | What We Liked | Conclusion

What if Common Sense was Common Practice in Business?
by Rex Conner, 2014


This book introduces the reader to some very common sense practices for use in the workplace — and anywhere else for that matter — with especial regard to communications, such as:[3]

  • Creating a culture of clear communication in the organization
  • Establishing a Common Performance Language™
  • Squeezing subjectivity (the root of all workplace evil) out of work processes, and
  • Reducing the conflict between the boss and bossed

About the author

Rex Conner says he doesn't want you, the reader, to be distracted or impressed by his degrees and decades of experience in the field of human performance in the workplace. Rather he wants to capture your imagination so you become expert in recognizing and applying common sense opportunities in your situation.[4] We'll follow his advice.

Introduction to the Books  Introduction to the Books

3. Rex Conner, What if Common Sense was Common Practice in Business? From back cover, Mager Consortium, Utah, USA, 2014.
4. Ibid, Back cover.
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