Published here December, 2003.

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Can you envisage a project whose business case declared a net cost of around two million dollars and ended up closer to one billion? That's around a 50,000 per cent overrun and it's difficult to conceive. As project manager, can you imagine the wrath of your stakeholders, to say nothing of what that might do to your career? Still, there is an old saying that if you are going to do something wrong, do it big time. This way, everyone will be so embarrassed that you will probably get away with it. Indeed, as Rex Murphy, well-known Canadian CBC TV commentator, has observed, "It takes genius to be so wrong"![1]

And so it seems with the infamous Canadian federal government's Gun Registry project. Here are some highlights.

© National Post 12/5/02

1. Murphy, R., a prominent Canadian commentator, The National CBC TV News, 12/4/02.
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