Note: Some of the material is sourced from some kind person now lost in antiquity.
Published here June 2023.

Introduction | A Proposal/Business Case Template
Points 1‑5 | Points 6‑9 | Conclusion


There are many different types of proposal templates on the Internet that provide outlines for different circumstances. But unless they are purposely designed with a specific type of project in mind, their use or adoption may not lead to the best presentation and hence the best project launch. After all, such a document should only cover the essential basics, and not contain any unnecessary padding - otherwise the message will be lost.

It goes without saying that significant projects that require serious management care and attention necessarily require the care and attention of a qualified and experienced project manager. And that project manager requires the backing of sound documentation, the first part of which is most likely a proposal in the form of a Business Case. It follows that this documentation should likewise measure up to professional standards.

Here follows a summary of the requisite content of a Business Case Template that meets these criteria. It is what I have used a number of times.


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