Executive Control with Flexibility In Managing Capital Projects

The original paper was presented to the Project Management Institute’s Annual Seminar Symposium in Toronto, Ontario, in 1982.

It was written in the context of capital construction projects and its contents have not been changed. It is interesting to note the continued relevance in today’s environment.

Published here March, 2001.

Abstract | Introduction | Need for PM | Comparison | Objectives
Execution | Features | Flexibility | Stages | Work Breakdown
Scheduling | Construction Management | Services | Conclusion


This paper identifies the special need for executive control in project work, defines project management and discusses points of difference from traditional management. The special features of project management, the project manager's personal objectives and fundamental requirements for success, are detailed. Emphasis is placed on the Project Brief and the Work Breakdown Structure. Work Packages are defined by category and essential characteristics as well as how they change through time. Also discussed are scheduling and cash management, the place of construction management and project management services under contract.


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