An interview with Max Wideman, first published in Projects & Profits, November 2002 issue (p59). Projects & Profits is a Monthly Digest on Projects, published by ICFAI Press, Hyderabad, India. The November 2002 issue focuses on Managing Opportunities in Risk Management.

Published here January, 2003.

Questions | Answers


In an interview with the Editor of Projects & Profits magazine, Max responds to questions about project management. Click on the links below to see the answers.

  1. You have worked on various types of projects ranging from infrastructure to software. How are infrastructure projects different from software projects?

  2. What are the critical factors that measure the success of capital projects?

  3. In the present scenario of frequent failure of software projects, can you put forward some strategies that facilitates successful software projects?

  4. Scope and deliverables of software projects are changed frequently. This has severe implications on the projects. How can a project manager minimize their impact on the project?

  5. Project reviews and audits are important in project management. Can you share your experiences about their contribution in the success of a project?

  6. You have valuable experiences in the field of project risk management. Can you share your views on how an organization following project management should equip to cope with and overcome project risks?

  7. Involvement of stakeholders is crucial for the success of the project. What strategies would you suggest to project managers so that they can involve all the stakeholders in the various stages of a project?

  8. What role do you envisage for future project managers in improving the discipline of project management?

  9. How important do you think on the job training is for the project managers and team members? How can training needs be identified?

Thank you, Projects and Profits, for your questions, I enjoyed answering them.


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