This paper is an edited version of an article by A. Wyrcan, first published in Management Today, March 1975.
Published here July 2010

Editor's Note | Introduction | The Interview | The First Day
From "Chaser" to General Manager | Authority Confused with Management
Labor and Management Confrontation | The Business Must Be a Winner
At the End of Four Months | Conclusion | Issues for Discussion

Editor's Note

This edited version of Wyrcan's original article from 25 years ago is presented here as a wonderful case study of a personal project. It demonstrates how leadership can fix even the most dysfunctional organization. The key is devising a plan and having the determination to carry it through. Although the case study describes the recovery of a small company, many of the situations depicted, and their rectification, could equally apply to a large complex project.

The author and country are European, but the text has been updated with North American spelling and the lesson is universal. You will find a selection of Issues for Discussion at the end.


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