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Published here April, 2004.

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Every now and then it is nice to come across a book that really is packed full of practical and useful advice that you can use on projects. That distinguishes this book from those of authors who just talk about good or new ideas -- but you have to figure out for yourself how to apply them! Indeed, as Rita observes:

"In country after country, standard project management practices focus on risk management. Yet, in reality, most project managers and those that work on projects ignore risks by doing nothing about them … After years of working with thousands of project managers from around the world, this book has been written to fill a substantial gap in international risk management knowledge. It will also attempt to correct common errors flagrantly noted and taken as fact in poorly documented articles and project management literature."[1]

Amen, to that!

Rita is perhaps best known for her PMP® Exam Prep materials for the Project Management Institute's ("PMI") PMP certification program. However, according to her biography, she has "over 15 years and $2.5 billion of hands-on project experience on hundreds of IS, IT, new product, high-tech, service, engineering, construction and manufacturing projects." Billion? In 15 years? "Hands-on"? As a consultant? That sounds like a bit of a stretch, but we get the general idea.


1. Mulcahy, R., Risk Management: Tricks of the Trade for Project Managers, RMC Publications, Minnesota, 2003, p7.
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