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Thomas Cappels published this book in 2004 and in it he focuses on profitability as the goal of project management. He suggests in his Preface that project managers do this by delivering projects that have consistent value and help increase profits. He further suggests that:

"Talented, educated, and knowledgeable project managers are the business leaders, entrepreneurs, and global citizens of tomorrow, proving their value to any organization competing in today's fast-paced marketplace ... [and] ... good project managers are not born, but rather are created through a combination of education, experience, time, and talent."[1]

Throughout his book, Thomas refers to it by its acronym "FFPM", so we'll do the same. According to Thomas:

"This book presents methodologies for company-wide and scholastic education on key financial considerations. Project management principles are clearly presented ... [and] FFPM successfully couples formal and professional education with the hard knocks of the real business world.

... Hundreds of millions of dollars have been saved, and billions more will be, as the world of project management and finance unite."[2]

All of that set our expectations pretty high.

Thomas Cappels is the Controller for the San Mateo County (California) Office of Education and also serves as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Phoenix. He has over 20 years of industrial and financial management experience with Lockheed Martin, serving on such major programs as the Hubble Space Telescope and Space Station Freedom. He has written on many topics including quality control, product liability as well as financial administration.

The book is supported by four supplementary documents available from the Web Added Value Download Resource Center website ( established by J. Ross Publishing, Inc. These four are: Financially Focused Project Mgmt Slides, a 1.1 MB MS Power Point presentation, an Instructors Manual, MS Word Document, a Project Management Glossary, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and a Project Management Software Guide, MS Word document, that lists a long selection of currently available project management software applications.

However, access to the Instructors Manual is restricted to instructors or trainers who have adopted the FFPM book for course/training purposes, and authorization from J. Ross Publishing is required prior to downloading. In order to qualify as an instructor and gain access approval, you simply contact the Ross Publishing customer service department at (561) 869-3900, ext 2 or e-mail them at


1. Cappels, T.M., Financially Focused Project Management, J. Ross Publishing, FL, 2004, pp vii-viii
2. Ibid, pp viii-ix
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