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General Project Management Advice

 Common questions & Issues

areas of project management application
project management topic levels
why project management?
special features of projects
projects & operations compared
project effectiveness review
project assumptions
business case strategy
project metrics
project life cycle or span
project management methodology
technical management methodology
community of practice - part a, b, c
getting it done
project constructability
program/project success - part a
program/project success - part b
technical management success
is/it program management
business change management
business process reengineering
project types
how much project management?
selecting a consultant
word hierarchies
first principles of pm - updated 2003
first principles of pm (updated 2009) - parts 1 & 2
first principles of pm (revisited 2022)
managing the development of building projects for better results
executive control with flexibility in managing capital projects
esa (ethics, standards and project management of capital projects)
managing the project environment
total project management of complex projects - improving performance with modern techniques
project management appraisal: testing the effectiveness of your project's management
improving project management: linking success criteria to project type
success is in the product
toward a fundamental differentiation between project types
life span linearity - parts 1 & 2
IT and art of getting things done
a pmi cd of useful templates
new illustration & explanation of pm
how to save your failing project
pm governance defined
is project work different from operations work?
project front end management - parts 1, 2, & 3
defining project success - parts 1, 2, 3 & 4
project, program, & portfolio responsibilities
looking for project success?
new pm framework: Are we ready?
the meaning of "project"?
more analysis reveals a better definition of "project"
pmbok 1987 revisited - Part 1
pmbok 1987 revisited - Part 2
core concepts of project management
earned benefit program management
climate change as a project
front-end literature review
valuable pm advice for CEOs
what does a pm do?
is the pm's job different?
what's in a name?
why we added a site map - and why it is the way it is
lacking in principles?
getting top management on side
is the approach to scientific development appropriate for project management?
project management, pmbok and order
pm techniques and attitude
top 10 ways software projects are different - perhaps?
pmbok content logic & six-sigma
a lesson in micro-managing
jellyfish & tadpoles
trade shows as projects
fixing bad projects
waterfall technique discussion
holiday party etiquette - 10 rules
the political dangers of large projects
pre-mortem: old wine, new bottles?
software projects really are different
managing small change requests
control, responsibility & commitment
why is decision-making so difficult?
When does a project start & finish?
about program mgt & matrix orgs
art versus science? pm is both!
define project success within a range
using the right vocabulary
definitions added in pm glossary v. 5.5
estimating brain work versus brawn work
showering, window washing, brick walls
categorizing by project or technology?
topics for research/discussion
enough innovative projects?
differences of opinion across the atlantic
lessons learned better than reinventing
are project management guides useful?
do pmp boot camp classes help?
what is project success?
thoughts on implementing a standard pm methodology - part 1, 2, 3
pmo: project process compliance
sustainable pm in construction
pm governance
iso and program management
is a project a process?
sustainability - darya's dream
how big is your project?
optimizing pm admin in this digital age
meaning of project success
look back 30 years to original pmbok 1987 - Part 1
look back 30 years to original pmbok 1987 - Part 2
pm - a look into the future
differentiating different types of projects
the project manager's environment
pedersen on program mgt & matrix orgs
more on program mgt & matrix orgs
a little pmi history & climate change
the biggest project of all
the biggest project of all part 2
how to write a good pm charter
10 best infotech tips & apps for pm success
what are the pm asset delivery options?
biggest project of all - revisited
how to set project priorities
structured decision analysis
a pmbok rationale, structure & a proposal - parts 1, 2 & 3
commentary on pm first principles
quest for the cup (pm first principles)
change management and projects
controlling software development
strategic project management system design - parts 1 & 2
the challenges of a chemical process plant revamp project
best practices challenged
measuring project success
chaos report challenged
pm in law
pm in litigation
benefits of certification
competence vs. knowledge
measuring the right stuff
project management & community of practice
what is not a project?
pm methodology: efficiency, consistency, performance
s-curve tracking & control
5 goals for project managers
project management step-by-step
good construction management practices - parts 1 & 2
making it happen & performance optics
pm credentials compared - parts 1, & 2
12 signs of impending IT project doom
tips on agile pm
the case for public-private partnerships
the enemies of learning
it versus business projects
business process 3 challenges
transforming a business with picaro
adding people to shorten schedule
predict your probability of success
bayesian project management
information technology methodologies
the strategic management of projects - part 1: a taxonomy
the strategic management of projects - part 2: the maturity ladder
part 1-decision-making analysis - not_pm
part 2-deconstructing & reconstructing pm
part 3-process & project mgt review
part 4-pgm, pgmgov, & public governance
part 5-dbm implementation, 10 commandments, & complexity diagnostic
part 6-dashboard, humans, & contracting
advice for top managers
what is a project? part 1, part 2
s-curve, a valuable pm tool Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4
Six Ways to Effectively Manage Your Project Budget
why governments struggle to achieve success
getting, organising & running a project
part 1 - getting a position in pm
part 2 - organising your project team
part 3 - running your project
part 4 - managing remote workers
best pm strategies
5 core benefits of agile
Healthcare Industry & PM - 5 Things to Know
ubc pmp assignment - interview request
everything to know on international projects
pm caught in 1960s. what is the sequel? Part 1, Part 2
front end of large hi-tech projects Part 1, Part 2
plumbing software - withdrawn!
what is a project success?
project success model - 5 steps

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