Copyright to Peter McBride, © 2011.
This interview by Max Wideman followed a presentation on Agile Project Management Basics to the Canadian West Coast Chapter, Vancouver, BC, on August 16, 2011
Illustrations reprinted with permission.
Published December 2011

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Peter McBride, PMP, is a professional training and coaching consultant and president of McBride Consulting Group Inc. He is certified in Microsoft® software development tools and a certified Earned Value Management professional. He is also a licensee for Cheetah covering Canada, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. During the 1980s Peter was an accountant, but decided to open his own computer support and training practice in 1993. In 1999, he redirected his career toward Project Management and achieved his professional certification (PMP) in December of 2001. Peter may be contacted by Email at or see his web site at

Editor's Note

The following interview took place by Email following Peter McBride's presentation to our local Project Management Institute's Canadian West Coast Chapter. For convenience in reading on line, the questions and their respective answers have been re-assembled in Q & A format. The relevant slides in Peter's presentation have been reproduced with permission. If you wish to see the full presentation, or have other questions about Agile Project Management, contact Peter McBride directly. Peter's responses are most instructive — especially for the "Agile" community.

Max Wideman (by Email):

Hello Peter, I enjoyed your presentation at the PMI meeting on August 16, 2011. I have since downloaded your presentation slides - which is very good of you to make them available. I am very interested in the concept of "Agile Project Management", but unfortunately have not had the opportunity to actually work on a real agile project. As we briefly discussed at the end of the meeting, I was very taken with some of your observations and especially your slides. So, as a matter of feedback to you, I'd like to make a few comments or questions and, for ease of reference, I'll number them.


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