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Originally published as a blog on LinkedIn March 2014 and content extracted for publication here June 2014.

Editor's Note | Distinguishing between "Business" and "IT" | Drivers for Projects
A Question of Semantics | Bill's Reasoning | Conclusion | Different Types of Project

Bill Monroe, CMQ/OE, CQA, PMP, is President of Project Portfolio Excellence, Inc. dedicated to assessing Project Management and Software Development lifecycle process capability, and helping companies achieve greater value, better quality, and more benefits from enterprise software and software-related projects. He may be reached at

Editor's Note

Bill Monroe started the following blog on LinkedIn with the question: "I say that there is NO such thing as an 'IT' project. What do you say?"

This challenge gave rise to a lot of interesting rejoinders too valuable to be lost in cyber space. As the owner of the discussion, the following observations have been assembled as a thread and heavily edited to make it easier for reading on line. Nevertheless, the objective in each case is to retain the participants' original intent.


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