This paper was submitted for publication 11/22/05 and is copyright to Brian K. Willard © 2005.
Published here June 2006.

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Project Success - As Commonly Measured | Project Success - A Different View
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Brian K. Willard, CAE is the founder and president of BK Solutions, Inc. BK Solutions provides technology consulting and project management to not-for-profit organizations and businesses. Brian has been providing technology solutions primarily in the not-for-profit industry since 1988. He holds a bachelors degree in computer information systems from DeVry, and is currently working on an MBA with a concentration in project management from Roosevelt University. He can be reached at


Project management has traditionally viewed success and failure based on three metrics, namely: On Time, On Budget and Meets Specifications. However, in today's information technology (IT), and other areas, project sponsors are looking to project managers to implement successful systems that actually succeed. This paper lists examples of projects that failed according to these traditional metrics, yet proved to be great successes. Conversely, projects that fully met or exceeded these metrics were often a complete failure. This demonstrates the need for identifying and monitoring different and more relevant metrics at appropriate timeframes, and using formal and informal processes for measuring such metrics. This paper highlights IT project management, but also relates to, and specifically cites, other areas of project management.


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