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Project Planning & Work Breakdown Structure

 Planning & Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

project control
project management road map
scope-pak planning
is scope-pak planning serious?

 Planning the activities

strategic planning
Project Technology Strategies
preparing to plan
steps in project planning
facility owner'schecklist
capital project activities - concept
capital project activities - development
capital project activities - implementation 1
capital project activities - implementation 2
capital project activities - commissioning
project front-end management
project back-end management
implementation plan
deliverables acceptance plan
when does a project start?

 Developing a WBS

what is a wbs?
the case for a wbs
simple steps to a wbs
more for the to do list
project planning: logic diagram
more on project planning
product breakdown structure
steps to a product breakdown
after the high-level wbs
a "good" product/work breakdown
example of wbs
custom woodworking co. wbs
wbs benefits
what is a work package?
purpose of a work package
how wbs evolves
wbs rules
the rolling wave approach
wbs and work packages
work packages explained
wbs example: pm training program
the stage-gate process in planning
is the wbs war about to break out?

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