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General Project Management Reading

 Views and Suggestions

project management institute: in the beginning...
the spectrum of project management future aspects - north american trends
applying resource loading, production and learning curves to construction: a pragmatic approach
object lessons
project management and education for the 21st century
pm maturity, performance, room to improve
ethics & the environment
max answers probing personal questions
max discusses pm, cm & heavy construction
max discusses his activities with pmi
max discusses pm practices
multiple views on pm - part 1, part 2
fukushima in retrospect
what's new in glossary v6.1
glossary v6.1 challenge & justification
when does a project start - part 1, part 2
lacking in principles?
project management for the new millennium
project success and failure
project management globalization - two points of view
professional associations and the balance of power
critical questions from an overseas website visitor
major pm associations contemplate licensing of project managers
what price professionalism?
comments on professionalism & professions
practice versus theory
people, work and projects around the world
is the approach to scientific development appropriate for project management?
real progress
standards for very large projects
the biggest project of all
ethics and sustainable development initiatives in construction
licensing project managers: good or bad idea?
a new project management standard?
three anecdotes
problems with fresh water projects
project management association vision
project desert storm (1991)
a project for a life time
value proposition & muddled math
project management - an ever changing mess?
process groups & the profession - part 1, 2
two questions on managing projects
sustainable development
cars versus bikes
should pm's retire?
oil and the price of gas
a little bit of pmi history
the value of project management
is project "greening" a con game?
top 10 trends in 2008
project mgt. stifled by institutions
institutions, collaboration & the internet
usa wasted $23 billion on IT in 2008
school projects: new vision of education?
cumbok - a new field of study?
selling to the top
buckets vs. pipelines - how to get rich
pm lessons in bbc comedy series
pm teachers need real experience
max on people assembly & project success
aace recognizes author copyright retention
use failure as a strategy
robbery: a project not recommended
how & when did pmbok start? what is the difference from operations management?
why the business-project management divide?
an unsolicited testimonial
maxwideman.com is appreciated
green pm - is it real?
"praxis" - a new comprehensive pm standard
going from public to private pm
economic development, social spending and project management
globalization of the project management profession
cult of design
what is a community of practice?
building infrastructure with private partnerships
an iraq success story
why high failure rates in IT
nanotechnology: opportunities/dangers
is project management a profession?
canadian infrastructure projects
7 reasons for optimistic pm future
pm pearls of wisdom
pms professionally licensed?
see 50 or125 years from now
redefining project management
the new american dream
changes in pm - 2020 forecast
new project world, five disruptive trends

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