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Published here September 2021.

Editor's Note | When Is a Project a Success? 
Project Inputs, Activities, Outputs, Outcomes, Impact and Results
The Three Levels of Project Success | The Project Success Model
What Exactly Are Capabilities, Then? | PART 2

Henrico Dolfing has an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science and a B.Ec. in Economics. He has a strong technical background as a software developer and solution architect. He helps C‑level executives in the financial services industry with interim management, and recovery of troubled technology projects. Born in the Netherlands, he has lived in Germany, the USA, and Switzerland. He has worked on both longer and shorter projects all through Europe, the Channel Islands, the Caribbean, and North America. He enjoys providing the leadership necessary to solve complicated problems and is not afraid to deliver bad news. He can be reached by email at

Editor's Note

Henrico Dolfing says that he strongly believes every organization can dramatically improve its ROI[1] on projects by implementing the following four things:

  1. Establish Effective Project Portfolio Management
  2. Appoint Active Project Sponsorship
  3. Express Clear Project Success Criteria
  4. Enable Project Management Capabilities

Henrico has written books on the first three:

  1. The Art of Technology Project Portfolio Management
  2. The Art of Project Sponsorship, and
  3. The Project Success Model

This paper is about Henrico's Project Success Model™ — A Guide to Defining Project Success.

You can visit to find more of his writings.


1. ROI = Return on Investment
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