This paper was received by email from 11/29/06. It is copyright to Lauren Allen & IE Discovery© 2006.
Published here May 2007.

Introduction | Is This You? | Why Not Use Project Management?
What to Look for in a Project Manager | Conclusion

Lauren A. Allen is a project manager at IE Discovery, a provider of comprehensive discovery management solutions. She is a certified Project Management Professional and has a Juris Doctor from Hofstra University School of Law. IE Discovery is the first provider of comprehensive Discovery Management solutions to corporate legal departments, outside counsel, and government agencies. IE Discovery is based in Austin, Texas, with offices in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Ms Allen can be reached at


For many project managers working in the engineering, procurement, construction and building industries, legal wrangling through the courts having jurisdiction, known as litigation, is a familiar if unfortunate experience. It involves a lengthy process of "discovery". If you want to present a winning case, or defend successfully against one, you must be quite clear on your objectives and be well prepared with all your supporting facts and evidence. In short, you must treat it like a project - because it is a project!

Lauren Allen shows you how in the following paper.[1]


1. Adapted from the original paper: accessed 11/29/06
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