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Project Portfolio & Program Management

 Portfolio & Program

program/project mgt success - part 1, & 2
is/it program management
what is project portfolio management (ppm)?
how do you get ppm started?
steps to portfolio management
eppm1 (enterprise portfolio management) - overview
eppm2 - the eppm system
eppm3 - specific challenges
eppm4 - harvesting benefits
ppm benefits assessment
the ppm office (ppmo)
ppmo responsibilities
ppmo reporting: what mgt needs to know
ppmo reporting: what ppmo must know
ppm: managing strategic risk
project selection
project board
project management office, what, how
program office a: what, how
program office b: services, benefits
project selection ranking
program office core policies
program office facilitating policies
IT project management office
launching a project office
justifying a project office
program office pros & cons
about managing change
managing change
project portfolio governance guidelines
project portfolio management in ten steps - parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8
project portfolio management office
managing successful programs (2003)
managing successful programs (2007)
program management - detailed description
where do projects come from?
project portfolio budgeting
key questions on portfolio offices
bridging the gap between corporate strategy and project management
does your company need a cpo?
what ceos must demand to compete and collaborate in 2005
the difference between different types of projects
linking strategy with programs
optimizing the corporate project portfolio - parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
why we need project portfolio management - part 1, & 2
project portfolio management illustrated
in search of portfolio management processes
advice on aligning projects with corporate strategy
choosing projects based on value
project mgmt office requirements
ten essential steps to successful programs
feedback from a portfolio of results
ppm: value from models
PPM in 2012: 3 challenges, 5 reasons, 5 tips
creating a sustainable pmo - part 1 & 2
a different view of project portfolio management
program manager competency - parts 1, 2
enterprise project governance

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