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Project Information/Communications Management

 Information & Communications

info/coms: what should I know?
explain the "coms" part
planning project info/coms
project info/coms links
advanced learning for complex project - part 1, 2, 3, 4
project management has arrived!

 Personal communication

characteristics of communication
communication models
communication skills for the pm
spreading the word
making communications more effective
holding difficult conversations
active listening
filters and barriers
positive body language
negative body language
word hierarchies in pm - part 1, part 2
eight actions to be an exceptional listener
how to write a professional email
advice on working from home
10 tips to better public speaking

 Information management

pm meetings policy statement
planning project meetings
handling effective project meetings
making meetings work
evaluation, assessment and caution
workshop planning
kickoff workshop
closeout workshop
project brainstorming
advice on brainstorming
project requirements explained
requirements gathering
requirements interviewing
project mind mapping
project decision making
major problem solving
project information evaluation: drowning in data
project information evaluation
pm information system: strategy
pm information system: general
pm information system: details
project document management
document control/versioning
document storage & retrieval
good public relations: an essential part of successful pm
improving outcomes through public relations
construction claims - identification, communication and record keeping
charting data successfully
the curse of knowledge in making decisions
real life cycles & percent progress
scrap project status reports!
a simple pm information system
making every word count
how good are your decisions? find out here
creating a communication plan
how to write project documents
bafflegab for speech makers
7 tips for good decision making

 Communication management

stakeholder management - why & who
stakeholder management - how
stakeholder analysis
stakeholder examples
preparing a presentation
making a presentation
project progress reporting
communicating a problem
concise project reporting
project report writing
advice on record keeping
project proposal preparation
author's presentation guide
max's 3-4-5 writing rule
negotiating rules and gambits
negotiating strategy & behavior
negotiating for project benefit
managing the project environment
construction claims - identification, communication and record keeping
effective communications - what you need to know
a better definition of program management
top management execution gaps
pm for education & educators
communication: the project life blood
consensus versus consent
defining stakeholder requirements
body workings illustrates IT confrontation
cultural differences affect communications
more meaningful pm acronyms
define your technical terms!
reading the real (non-verbal) message
post project review - how soon?
word hierarchies - part 1, 2, 3
why poor comms = project failure
value of reading body language
advice to your sponsor & your email etiquette
making meetings more effective - part 1, part 2
making remote meetings work
quick guide to creating a project communications plan
project management has arrived
xml markup
getting beyond email
ask for what you want and state why
cut the noise, cut to the chase
dealing with difficult situations
getting the right support at the right time
working preject management from home
content plan for an IT project
10 reasons the brain hates long meetings
five ways to develop your pm writing skills
learning tips for marketing managers

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