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Project People Management

 Human Resources (People) & IS/IT

 Understanding people

introduction to project people management
the environment for project people
treading lightly
more insights
organizational concepts
organizational systems theory
organizational culture
men and women in project management
the project manager
project managers - what do they do?
recruiting project managers
project manager's duties
project manager's tasks - parts 1 & 2
project manager's mandate
tips for project managers - parts 1 & 2
tips for project sponsors
project leadership
project leadership styles
the project team
how big a project team?
virtual project teams
how well is our team doing?
positive body language
negative body language
dominant personality traits suited to running projects successfully
optimizing success by matching management style to project type
project teamwork, personality profiles and the population at large
self-promotion for introverts
answering interview questions
bridging projects & business
getting into project management
best skills for a senior project manager
how alpha can you be as a pm?
should your team show appreciation?
know your people - loyalty, value, coersion
tips to great leadership
managing culture successfully
project management has arrived
successful pm behavior profiles
develop & maintain talent - parts 1, & 2
know your people & mbti
getting,organizing, & running a project
Top 8 things to leave off your resume
introducing pm as a k12 life skill


planning project meetings
handling effective project meetings
evaluation, assessment and caution
workshop planning
project brainstorming
advice on brainstorming
project decision making

major problem solving

scope-pak project planning - instructions for conducting a project planning workshop
five things hiring managers expect

 Is/It supervisory responsibilities

project sponsor
project manager
project technology manager
business center manager

 Managing people

project organizational structures
project organizational selection
project team development
project team building
hiring the right people
project team roles
project team performance
power and influence
politics, power and control
shared power, good idea?
the pm & politics
newbies & politics
should a project manager play politics?
authority & responsibility
who does what
rewarding project people
dealing with a "people problem"
dealing with a "dysfunctional" team
interface management
interface problems and issues
what is conflict
where conflict comes from
conflict resolution
issues management
project people and total quality management
career planning in project management
last word
project manager to project leader? and the rocky road between ...
managing the project environment
applying resource loading, production and learning curves to construction: a pragmatic approach
self conduct managing project teams
how do you motivate your team?
dealing with difficult stakeholders
positive organizational change
the art of positive politics
a letter to motivate your team
seeking project management employment
how to move to a different industry
am i a good project manager?
is project teamwork overblown?
consensus versus consent
helpful career advice
is groupthink desirable?
12 actions for a pm
finding your client's sponsor
cultural differences affect communications
you've been fired - 15 tips
30 ways to avoid being fired
lessons learned - from others
eight tips to solve multi-tasking
pop music resolves conflict with sponsor
turning on your project team
on corporate hiring practices
switching to another industry
add humor to achieve success
ten pm mistakes to avoid
be a leader - not a pushover!
common delegation pitfalls & how to avoid
getting the right people
smaller details of a job interview
project manager as servant leader
ready for a change? select the right style of leader
the job of the project manager
leadership & mgt in pm are different
tips on managing software teams
five leadership principles for success
sound sleep essential for the pm
essentials of business etiquette
new world reality at CEO level
artificial intelligence assisting pm
humanizing work by projects
leadership: honing your persona
be a caring leader, but not a pushover
negotiating with non-vaccinators

progress from hr to people operations

creating high-performance teams
five secrets to high-performing teams
five ways to improve your pm writing skills
nine lessons for leadership no one mentions

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