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Published May 2010.

Introduction | Keeping Promises | Back Office Paradox 
Non-Experts Judging Work/Performance | Another Example

Steve Jenkin is an IT Systems and Design Specialist who first worked in Computing/Information Technology in 1974 with IBM Mainframes operating with tapes, cards and printouts. Since then, he has worked in most areas of Computing/IT and within all types and sizes of organizations. Real-Time/Telecommunications and Analytical Lab work gave him a solid base in quality and high performance outputs. Chemical engineering and an inaugural Unix Kernel course gave him an in-depth knowledge in systems and related non-IT areas. Whilst able to reliably deliver small projects, he has worked for great project managers and knows that his strengths lie elsewhere. You can reach Steve at

Editor's Note

After publishing my Musing about Other Peoples Washing last month (April 2010) we exchanged the following Emails with Steve Jenkin as he reports below.


Steve Jenkin []


Current/Global Financial Crisis and Other People's Washing


March 31 (in Australia)


R. Max Wideman []


Thanks for your email. I'd entirely forgotten the exchange and you've bound those loose pieces together very well. Much appreciated. You show The Real Art here - painting word stories and making it understandable. I have two subsequent thoughts:

  1. Project Management is about making and keeping promises.
  2. You have to do this in spite of the Back Office or Professionals' Performance Paradox.

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