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Project Management Modeling

 DBM & others

what is the dynamic baseline model (dbm)?
four dbm people levels
dbm level 1: management by rules
dbm level 2: management by methods
dbm level 3: management by objectives
dbm level 4: management by values
dbm inferences
dbm extrapolated
dbm learning needs
dbm conclusions
the planning and control paradox
the customer service paradox
the project leader paradox
the partnering paradox
the learning paradox
pm knowledge structure for 21st century
defining pm knowledge for communication, learning & professionalism
more on knowledge mapping
other models of project management
role of project life span in project management
not a triangle but a square?
more sexy triangles
a new pyramid model
dynamic baseline model (dbm) - part 1, 2, 3
how is dbm related to personality & leadership
project categorization matrix - parts 1 & 2
removing pmbok guide confusion - part 1 & 2

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