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Project Cost Management


project cost management introduction
project cost accounting
cost management definitions
cost estimate descriptions
cost management and the project life span
cost estimating approaches
cost estimating accuracy
whole-project estimate classes
cost estimating challenges - part a
cost estimating challenges - part b
definitive cost estimating
cost estimating an IT project
estimates and budgets
converting estimates to budgets
why budgets come unstuck
project value management
cost monitoring and control
cost control: budget monitoring
cost data capture and use
cost data coding
cost reporting concepts
how earned value works
interpreting earned value
# xx
how cost control works
financial a/c vs. pm cost control
reduce your cost of meetings
olympic village accounting case study
costing lost productivity from emails
common estimating errors
weightedaverage cost of capital
hidden costs of poor pm
managing project cost with no set budget
how to handle contingencies & reserves
earned value interpretation
japan's cost mgt. practices
infrastructure funding: pension funds & toll roads
7 common estimating mistakes
pmbok 5th ed. - project reserves pt 1, pt 2
a single point estimate is not suficient
controlling long term projects
effect of remote work on salaries
using start up capital wisely

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