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Introduction | The Overall Project Delivery Capability Framework 
Organisational Governance | Organizational Capability to Manage Portfolios Programs and Projects
Organizational Systems to Manage Programs and Projects | Project and Program Management
Technical Practices that Support Project & Program Management | Summary | PART 2

Patrick Weaver is the Managing Director of Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd and the business manager for Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd. Since 1985 he has held a range of directorships with various project management companies. Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd is an Australian consultancy specializing in the provision of project management training; support services, analysis and advice to assist its clients enhance the value derived from their projects and project management control systems. Some of Patrick's major achievements include: Developing a range of successful training courses and workshops; Successfully managing large litigation claims; Providing schedule support on the construction of the Collins Class Submarine project. He may be reached at and his web site is at:


The concept of Managing projects describes the organisation's ability to select, nurture and deliver projects and programs effectively. The strategic capability to manage projects expands this general concept to include the direction of the organisation's overall Project Delivery Capability[1] (PDC) towards the achievement of its strategic objectives. Therefore, to provide clarity in any discussion of the Strategic Management of Projects, it is first necessary to introduce a number of terms in use in this area of project management. Just as important, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of their meaning.

The top-level terms and project management areas we'll be discussing in this paper are well known, namely: Project Portfolio Management, Program Management, and Project Management. In the context of project management broadly, these are typically simplified into "Portfolio, Program and Project management" and collectively referred to as "PPP". Within an overall Enterprise Project Management Capability, this paper will examine PPP and their key governance, support and oversight processes. The intent is to establish an effective Project Delivery Capability (PDC) framework to support the Strategic Management of Projects.[2] But this is a complex area of management and in order to present our thoughts here we must first present a framework for a PPP taxonomy.


1. Strategic project management has many different terms for the same general set of management capabilities required to support the efficient delivery of the "right" projects and programs.
Some options include:
- The Management of Projects: Prof. Peter Morris' "concept"
- Enterprise Project Management: tends to be used for the supporting software tools
- Enterprise Project Governance: (used in a book by Paul Dinsmore & Luiz Rocha) focused on How to Manage Projects Successfully Across the Organization. (Governance and management are different processes)
- Value Delivery Capability: (VDC) used by Jed Simms.
- Project Delivery Capability: (PDC) our preferred / legacy term
2. For more on strategic management of projects see:
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