This Guest paper was submitted for publication in May 2021
It is copyright to Rae Oliver © 2021
Published here July 2021

Editor's Foreword | Author's Introduction
The Benefits of Managing Your Business with Plumbing Software 
How to Choose a Plumbing Project Management Program
Most Popular Plumbing Software Programs | Final Thoughts

Rae Oliver is Head Of Content at Truly Experiences Ltd. Her published work covers a considerable range of topics, from SaaS to lifestyle and fitness. Like many other 20‑something professional digital nomads, she has a passion for travel, social media, digital marketing, and small business.

Editor's Foreword

Many readers will no doubt claim that true project management is restricted to a focus on the managing of an entire project from beginning to end, especially in the major construction industries. At the same time, the management of any subcomponent falls under the heading of one of the trades, typically in the form of a subcontract of some sort. However, effective management of every subcontract is just as important, and runs the same gamut of challenges as any form of so-called project management, but with the added challenge of managing the trade specialty involved. That is, including supply, delivery and placement of materials and equipment to relevant standards.

This is no mean feat and is the reason why expert trades are available for hire and so we are pleased to publish the following paper as a contribution to the "higher orders" of project management. In reading this paper, be aware that many of the principles recommended here also apply equally to other trades involved such as electrical, mechanical and many other specialties.


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