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Project Contract/Procurement Management

 Contract/Procurement (C/P)

what is project c/p management
contract/procurement process
introducing progressive acquisition to the rational unified process - parts I, II, III, IV & V
23 biggest mistakes - parts 1, 2, 3

 Planning & solicitation

c/p planning process
c/p solicitation process
importance of c/p
contract elements and complexity
mutual assent, valid offer & capacity
consideration and appropriate form
contract clauses
contract content 1: scope, scope of work
contract content 2: quality, work control
contract content 3: risk, multiple contracts
contracting strategies (software)
is/it contract formulation
contract form selection
contract type selection
specifying the work
supplier selection and solicitation

 Award and administration

c/p award process
administration, payment, changes
handling contract changes
claims, acceptance, closure
evaluating and negotiating c/p
administering and controlling in c/p
common problems in c/p
contract termination
supplier's perspective: centralized procurement
supplier's perspective: responding to an rfp
supplier's perspective: government contracting
construction claims - identification, communication and record keeping
lessons in procurement management
a contract closure issue
outsourcing multiple contracts
error factor between two large numbers
writing an effective pm charter

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